Who has ‘unsupportable comments’ now?

To the editor:

I would like to comment on Mrs. Loewen’s letter to Representative Kerry Benninghoff.

Winston Churchill is credited with saying “If you put two economists in a room, you get two opinions.”

An article in the Foundation For Economic Education listed seven reasons why a $15 per hour minimum wage was a bad idea. I have only listed three of the seven to save space.

“This is one reason why 72 percent of U.S.-based economists oppose a federal minimum wage of $15 per hour. In 2015, the Employment Policies Institute surveyed 166 economists in the United States on the subject. They found:

Nearly three-quarters of these U.S.-based economists oppose a federal minimum wage of $15 per hour.

The majority of surveyed economists believe a $15 per hour minimum wage will have negative effects on youth employment levels (83%), adult employment levels (52%), and the number of jobs available (76%).

When economists were asked what effect a $15 per hour minimum wage will have on the skill level of entry-level positions, eight out of 10 economists (80%) believe employers will hire entry-level positions with greater skills.”

Ms. Loewen, your information is but one opinion as is Representative Benninghoff’s and mine. Thank you for sharing but it seems your stats are in the minority. Your liberal views are front and center. Government control of private business is the death of “free” enterprise. Dry your tears and give all of your extra money to those businesses or people you deem worthy of extra money. I guarantee no conservative will complain for your noble actions, as long as you stay out of our pockets.

I believe two jobs is a hard lesson but a valuable one. As a married father at 19, it taught me to work hard to better my position and be responsible for myself. Giving people money to stay at home is a terrible lesson. Giving people the excuse of COVID makes it worse.

I received my COVID vaccine in March because of my age. Any person who had underlying conditions should protect themselves. No one should be forced to do anything unless there is an eminent threat. Take away underlying conditions and few people died of pure COVID. Think the flu or pneumonia, people died from these conditions for years and no one hit the panic button. We shut the economy down and flipped the USA upside down, for what? Old vulnerable people were committed to nursing homes for God’s sake! The very pit of infection. Misinformation, contradictory statements and enough opinions to fill a dictionary. And look where we are today. Our condition has not changed. The COVID death rate is down even with cases on the rise. But the calls to re-mask are back. How stupid can you be when schools must mask up “except” on the athletic fields? Is it OK for athletes to chance COVID? This proves the arbitrary enforcement of unproven “science”! This is all about trying to keep people living in fear so government can save them. Non-sheep are not buying it!

And you Ms. Loewen want to say, follow the science! News flash: only sheep believe anything the government or the CDC says. Reasonable people don’t buy into “the science” because it wobbles and makes no common sense!

Ms. Loewen are you familiar with the term “mens rea”? It is Latin for guilty mind. I believe you and most liberals suffer from this about the 2020 election and use the “big lie” as an excuse. The indisputable fact is, the 2020 election was the worst election in history. Forget the “big lie” and know that the subject is now fair elections going forward. Don’t feel guilty about the past and look to the future. You may have some doubts though now that Texas is passing their voting bill, Biden’s numbers are dropping faster than the value of the dollar and mid-term elections are not far away.

Now, who has unsupportable comments?

Ms. Loewen could you please comment on “individual” liberty, where you feel it stops and government takes over a person’s individual life?

Michael C. Spahr



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