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Our world needs to have faith and pray

To the editor:

I enjoyed reading the article from Jeffrey Baumgardner. He said to quit complaining and start praying for our president.

I believe in the power of prayer. We should have more compassion for one another. Mr. Biden said he wants to be president for Democrats and Republicans alike.

I agree for ending this war in Afghanistan. We lost too many lives and so many are disabled because of this war. God is still in charge of this world, if you only believe.

Have faith and pray that we will be united.

Kiara Feather


Christ will prevail, but it may get ugly ’til then

To the editor:

Christ came to the earth to bring us peace. Christ came to this earth to unite us. Christ came to this earth with tolerance for everyone.

No He didn’t! No He didn’t! No He didn’t.

He came with a sword, to divide us. To divide families, to divide kingdoms, to divide nations. Read Matthew 10.

We as a nation used to be on the right side of the divide. No longer. We have a mostly perverse government and culture either supported or tolerated by most of our population. Are they just out of touch with reality, or have they been blinded to the truth by God, as the Israelites were so many times?

Do you like to put pretty wreaths on your church doors? Christ left us in a crown of thorns, not pretty flowers. Do you think of Christ as a sweet love-for-everyone cream-puff? Christ is the tough-love man’s-man. He is the inventor of, if you don’t sow you don’t reap. If you don’t work you don’t eat. If you take a man’s will to work, you steal his dignity and self-worth.

I am an optimist because I claim the Holy Spirit and know that things will work out as God intends. But, between now and then, things could get or be horrendous.

P.S. Do you know the best thing about football? Kids get to knock down and beat each other up without getting arrested in this culture where they’re not allowed to look crossways at each other.

Donald Hirakis



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