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To the editor:

We have 58,000 wind turbines; 3,000 added each year; 30,000 off-shore by 2030. Studies finds wind turbines can cause everything from vertigo to sleep deprivation, migraines, heart disease, stress and tinnitus. Turbines are unreliable, very expensive, produces electricity when it isn’t needed, and have environmental issues. The average turbine size is 1.8 megawatts whose footprint is about 155 acres. Each blade hundreds of feet long needs replaced every 10 years. Having no means of disposing of them, they are cut into 3 parts and hauled away in special trucks to be buried in our landfills. Project 150,000 wind turbines by 2050.

There are 1.5 million solar panels in contiguous 48 states. Solar farms aren’t usually exclusive sources for grids and must adopt a combination of renewable and non-renewable energy supplies. Even the movement of clouds can severely impact solar farm electricity yields. Fossil fuel-burning power plants are required to provide the electricity needed for manufacture solar panels. Manufacturing/disposal of solar panels causes air, water and land pollution with hazardous materials like cadmium-telluride, copper-indium-gallium-diselenide, gallium arsenide, lead, cadmium and other heavy metals. These toxic materials are usually dumped into landfills or nearby water bodies causing pollution. Production commonly includes nitrogen trifluoride and sulfur hexafluoride, some of the most harmful greenhouse gases around. U.S.-produced panels need replaced every 20 years and those from China every 5-10 years as Australia found out. There is only one recycling plant in America recycling less than 10% of the panels, thus 1.35 million will end up in our landfills every 20 years.

Project “80 million tons” of solar waste worldwide by 2050.

The “Green” New Deal, a new kind of pollution!

Arthur Keller


Writer used a lot of words to say nothing

To the editor:

Mr. Spahr your verbose diatribe responding to my question was an excellent example of the rhetorical exercise of reductio ad absurdum.

I’m sorry, too many five dollar words… let me translate — you used a lot of words to say nothing! You did not answer the question other than to say the truth that the domestic terrorist, Ashli Babbitt (who was justifiably killed while committing multiple crimes) would be hailed as a martyr, and the boys in blue would be demonized as the GQP’s propaganda has already done, despite the reality of what we all saw in real time.

I understand that your information bubble does not let you engage in the thought exercise of conjecture. Apparently those whom want you to continue to believe things that are not true also do not want you to postulate what might be if x, y, or z actually happens. Far easier to revise history than to contemplate what might be.

So as you continue to argue for the sake of argument, just remember that no matter how much you choose to ignore reality in lieu of whatever meme it is that you think is news, know that the more you express these views, the more you expose yourself as the lemming you are. Blindly following a mindset that does not recognize that “only when you as an individual pose a threat to others can a penalty or force be used against you to protect others” applies to those spreading a virulent disease. The unvaccinated pose a deadly threat to others! To your insanity I ask, how many dead Americans does it take to meet your “benchmark?” Apparently the third largest mass casualty event in our history is not deadly enough.

Eric Becht



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