If only the GOP was a God-fearing party

To the editor:

OMG I have to share how much Mr. Sellers’ letter printed Sat., Aug. 28 made me laugh!

His zealous concern for the innocent children (as long as they are still in the womb) as a charge for calling the current administration morally bankrupt while the former administration and its current advocates are ignoring the 630,000+ Americans that have died because Trump didn’t know what to do (because he threw away the pandemic response playbook for no other reason than he didn’t like the man who had it prepared) and said “I take no responsibility” and decided “it is what it is.”

So don’t try and feign some concern for life lost, either at the border or in Afghanistan, when your party has governors fighting to oversee the highest number of hospitalizations and deaths just to please a base they are petrified of losing votes from by telling them something their Facebook friends disagree with.

Your ignorance is once again only outdone by your failure to make yourself aware of the immorality that your party supports. Case in point, you cant see fault in a man that paid hush money to a porn star that he was cheating on his mistress with while his wife was at home with their newborn. Morality at its finest!

Mr. God fearing Sellers, keep praying. But may I suggest that you pray that some in your party gain some of that fear of God that you have and actually act so.

Eric Becht



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