Duty to get vaccinated trumps right to not

To the editor:

Michael Spahr, your letter to the editor printed on Sept. 18 was once again an example of too many words and not enough substance. So many answerable questions. So many points of outrage at what offends and apathy for what affects. Pick a subject and stick to it, otherwise you are just coming off as the crazy man screaming at the end of the bar.

There is so much that is so wrong with what you say but as usual you have thrown so much spaghetti at the wall that you end up leaving the reader so overwhelmed that you really have made no point at all. Unless your point is just that you hate any change and that Americans should suck it up and suffer so the rich can get richer? Profits before people?

The longer this wave of the pandemic continues raging through the unvaccinated, killing 1,500-plus Americans every day, I am astounded by how callous so many have become to the suffering and loss that is needlessly ravaging this country. “98% survive” so yeah, 2% DIE! And why can you people not understand what you are doing to the health care system as they struggle to save that 98% of unvaccinated COVID patients? And then there are all of the needless deaths from non-COVID patients that can’t get care because of overwhelmed hospitals. So cold and selfish to fight for personal freedom over the public good.

The selective concern for the dead boggles my mind and saddens me. “We the people” need to work together to end this. We need to stop giving oxygen to anyone that is not advocating responsibilities over rights. You have a responsibility to get vaccinated which trumps your right not to.

Eric Becht



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