Don’t trust government that always lies

To the editor:

Those of you that trust the government should remember that almost everything they tell you is a lie.

Seriously. Just think about it with an open mind.

When this all started they said you don’t need a mask then they said you do.

Two weeks to flatten the curve. How’d that work out?

Then it was get the vaccine so you don’t have to wear the mask. Now it’s you have to wear the mask regardless.

Then it was no vaccine mandates. Now it’s getting mandatory.

Government always lies — it’s the only thing it does well.

Our founding fathers were wise men. They preached that government was a necessary evil that was not to be trusted.

If you trust the government to keep you safe you are in for a massive disappointment.

Live your life make your own decisions and enjoy it because when it’s over it’s over no matter what.

Benjamin Harrop



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