Debunking some GOP talking points

To the editor:

So on Friday, Sept. 3, I opened the paper and read another debunked conservative myth laden letter published in The Sentinel. This time it was myths about the minimum wage.

The first myth I saw and that could easily be debunked is the so-called skill of the entry level workers. A little fact that the author of that letter forgot to mention is that 76% of people that are already working in what is classed as minimum wage jobs are adults who are already skilled and had to take the minimum wage to help their families.

Speaking of families, according to a Canadian study from the Institut National de Sante Publique de Quebec a person working two or more jobs has more stress from balancing family and work life. An example would be being able to go to his or her kids’ school events but according to the author of the letter, a person’s family is not important. Seems that his conservative outlook is telling us all that family does not matter but money does (think of Scrooge from “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens).

According to Robert Reich. Former Deptartment of Labor Secretary, raising the minimum wage would actually increase the employment pool, not decrease it as the conservative myth claims.

Again, according to Robert Reich, if the minimum wage from 1968 had kept up with inflation then minimum wage today would be $10 an hour. If it had kept up with the productivity of the American worker then it would be $21 an hour.

Here are some minimum wage myths from conservatives. Prices for goods and services will go up. Little hint here, they are already going up due to two things — inflation and greedy business owners. Another myth is that raising the minimum wage would kill jobs — again wrong. Raising the minimum wage would mean more money in the economy meaning that people would have more money to spend meaning that companies would need to hire more people just to be able to meet the need of people spending more. Also making the minimum wage $15 an hour means that a person is earning 25 cents a minute. Are conservatives saying that people are not worth that?

As a person that had a member of his family die from COVID-19, I get extremely annoyed when I see conservatives roll out the Republican lies about the disease.

The author claims that “Think the flu and pneumonia, people died from these conditions for years and no one hit the panic button” Really? Ever hear of the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1917-1918? The “panic button” was hit then but people like the author also dismissed it then and look how many millions died from that disease world wide before a vaccine was created.

Look at polio in the 1950s, if a vaccine had not been created for that, people would still be dying from that disease and people like the author would still be saying, “oh it’s nothing think the flu or pneumonia.”

So I say this to the author: until you have had a member of your family die from this disease you have no need to open your mouth and spread more lies and myths that seem to be the talking point of your ignorant party.

The author also claimed that the death rate is going down. OK, Mr. Author in what part of the population? The mortality rate for COVID is 2%, while the mortality rate for the flu is 0.1%. So, no, the mortality rate has not gone down. And, yes, Mr. Author, us “sheep” do follow the science, and, yes, it wobbles but that is due, just the same as every thing else, new facts are bought to light after study and investigation. But it is better to be a sheep than a lemming that falls of the cliff.

The author also states about how Biden’s approval rating is dropping funny that because Biden’s Approval is still 10 points above what the former guy’s was at the exact same point in his presidency. Seems more people actually approve of Biden than they did Trump, wow can we say not surprised?

The author then goes on to claim that Democrats are suffering from “Mens rea”? Sorry, Mr. Author, but us Democrats have nothing to feel guilty about. On the other hand with the obstruction that is coming from the right on the Jan. 6 investigation, I and many others would say that it is the Republicans that are suffering from a guilty mind.

George Fisher



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