Answering the question

To the editor:

I tried to ignore and avoid this question for a simple reason. It is rhetorical!

It is based in conjecture. There is no right answer. The only right answer is the one Mr. Becht wants to hear. It is based in “fantasy” not “reality.” Because he has been so insistent I will give him an answer. I am sure it is not the answer he wants!

The question was: “Where would we be and what would our country be like if we woke up on Jan. 7 with Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, and countless other lawmakers hanging dead on the front lawn of the Capitol? Why is this such a hard thing for you to do? “

Mr. Becht, one possible answer to your question is, Pelosi, Pence and some others would be dead along with the only real casualty Jan. 6, Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed white female protester shot by a black officer inside the Capitol.

Did Conservative America erupt over a black officer shooting an unarmed white woman? Did they loot and burn cities? Were people murdered in her name? No! Was this covered up? Was the black officer, not identified and never charged? Yes!

Are the people who destroyed parts of the Capitol under arrest and moving through our justice system? Yes. If some of them had hung elected officials would they also be arrested and face judgment? Yes.

Your attempt to shame conservatives is pointless because your question’s premise is based in conjecture. No one laid a hand on any elected official on Jan. 6. You might as well ask, if JFK had not been shot would over 50,000 Americans have died in Vietnam? What would Nixon have done if not caught in the Watergate cover up? How many American lives would have been lost invading Japan if we had not dropped the atom bomb? You can play this game all day long but in “reality” it means “nothing”! Just like your question.

Our system works Mr. Becht. Even though your fantasy crumbles at this thought, I am sure you are working on another liberal fantasy. The election was verified and America is still running, but for how long with Biden in charge is hard to tell.

Now Mr. Becht, can you answer my question? Can you justify the death of 25 people murdered during the summer of 2020, in the name of a murdered drug dealing convict who held a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman?

No you can’t, because it cannot be justified. This is the difference between “fantasy” and “reality,” fiction and non-fiction, the difference between my question’s “real” deaths and your question’s “make-believe” deaths. Mr. Becht, if you don’t know the difference you need help.

Your ignorance of the Constitution and the American foundation of “freedom” is astounding! Did you not go to school? Freedom of choice is the most basic and coveted right the Constitution gives us. Read the Ninth Amendment. Reflect on freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms and, yes, freedom to choose what happens to your own body is all part of the Constitution. What part do you not understand?

Read the preamble to the Constitution. It says in part:

“… establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

“Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves” It is right there Mr. Becht. You can’t or don’t want to understand this? Take your liberal socialist’s glasses off and re-read the full Constitution! The liberty in this case is the freedom to choose for ourselves!

Only when you as an individual pose a threat to others can a penalty or force be used against you to protect others. The benchmark for this has never been met with COVID. The vast majority of people with COVID survive! There are diseases that can and will kill anyone and everyone that comes in contact with it. COVID is not one of them! Why liberals want to destroy this country over a sickness that mainly kills people with “other” conditions is astonishing! It is a person’s choice how they want to cope with this. If you don’t want shot to death, stay out of big cities. If you don’t want to die in a car crash, don’t get in a car. You, Mr. Becht, have no right to control my liberty. Rant all you want but you are wrong to even try. Don’t Tread On Me!

If you feel the need or if you have an underlying condition, please seek help. Get the vaccine, go into isolation or wear a mask. I have no problem with any of this. I would encourage people to do so. I would never force anyone to do it. It is called freedom, Mr. Becht! You must enjoy living in fear. Free people don’t.

By the way I do not receive Fox cable news in my home. Common sense is shared, hence it is in the name “common.” I feel for anyone who has limited or no common sense. Main stream media (all of it) has very little.

You could write a book Mr. Becht. May I suggest some titles: “The Constitution was Never About Freedom” or “How to Fight Disease With Contradiction and Fear.”

Mr. Becht, I’m no Dr. Fauci. I am not a doctor at all, but I believe you are suffering from “Toxolot Saynuttin.” The only cure is to wear a sound blocking mask and oven mitts!

Children like to dream. They imagine a world that fits their desires and cravings. Their yard is a jungle, their pet dog is a dragon, and a cardboard box is their castle. If they mature and become an adult they know the difference between a yard and a jungle. Some people never learn and live like a child their entire life. There are infinite stages of lessons and learning to become an adult. I learn every day. Mr. Becht, Knowing the difference between fantasy and reality is a basic lesson you should revisit.

One more thing Mr. Becht, no amount of your use of seldom used intellectual words will make you smart. Mark Twain said “Don’t use a five dollar word when a fifty cent word will do.”

Michael C. Spahr



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