Why can’t liberals let us make free choices?

To the editor:

In response to Mr. Becht’s Aug. 26 letter in the Sentinel.

Finally Mr. Becht you made some valid points in your letter. There are many opinions on how to combat COVID. There is no proven cure to COVID or we would not be in disagreement. There have been far too many mixed messages and opinions on how to combat COVID. Mask-no mask, shot-no shot, booster shot-no booster. However you missed the most important point. Freedom of choice.

There were 36,096 traffic deaths in 2019. I don’t remember any calls for everyone to stop driving. People who are afraid of flying, drive. Statistically it is far more dangerous to drive than to fly. A matter of choice. The percentage of people dying from COVID is slight, especially when you factor in underlying conditions. The science and statistics do not paint a clear picture for individual outcome. It comes down to choice.

The Bill of Rights limits what the Government can do to citizens. They are our rights over government. The intense battles over the nomination of Supreme Court Justices is the very essence of our rhetorical exchanges. Who will decide how the Constitution is to be enforced is the final word until it is challenged again by a new justice. Time and the evolution of daily living are the unavoidable variables. That being said, it does not force individuals to accept any particular Supreme Court decision. We have seen this many times. Decisions are overturned or reinterpretations are issued.

And so it goes between individuals, groups and political parties. We have come to the point where common sense and respect for others is ignored completely.

The current divide in this country is expanding. For example some people feel compelled to express their rejection of religious beliefs every time someone expresses their belief in God. Not because they are trying to explain their non-belief or because they want others to feel like them. They do it because they can, to inflame, to shock and to draw attention to themselves.

This is the problem with liberalism. One of their base tools is to bring divide to a conservative way of life. This is also known as, woke social humiliation. Any objection to common sense conservatives is a liberal merit badge. When you see comments like this know the source is only trying to divide. They are shallow with no base.

The tail is wagging the dog! The minority LGBTQ group wants to force their ideology and beliefs on the majority. There are men and women. A “fact” of nature! This cannot be changed biologically speaking. You can put a Chevy engine in a Ford reworking the frame but it is still a Ford. I will defend anyone’s right to dress, act, impersonate, or live as they wish. I will absolutely not advocate, indulge or entertain this as moral behavior or give these actions credible legal status. The Bill of Rights gives me the right to this opinion. You have yours Mr. Becht and Mr. Fisher. I have no problem being on the side of Christian values that this Country was founded on. You may choose your own side.

We could have the same discussion on abortion, voting procedures, the southern border, tax and spend, green new deal, climate change you name it. All of this is meant to divide us and has been instigated by liberals. This all has to do with bigger government, more control over the people. Remember, the Bill of Rights were created to protect us from government. Don’t be offended when the Constitution is used to defend against what you have been fooled into believing. It is exactly what the Bill of Rights was intended to do. To defend “individual” liberty.

Sheep like to be led to greener pastures (stimulus checks, eviction bans, extended unemployment, calls for free education and more) Don’t forget sheep can be led to be shorn or slaughtered. (Congressional inside trading, more taxes, inflation, higher prices for everything) when the bills come due for the Trillions being proposed today, your grandchildren will be the ones who pay for your green pastures and the wolfs (stock market, banks, foreign countries and investors) will be waiting to devour them!

Please Mr. Becht don’t try to invoke hypothetical questions on actual events of what if’s to make a point. It means “nothing”! Instead, explain why 25 “real” people were murdered last year by liberal zealots in the name of a murdered drug addict criminal who held a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman. Tell me why 13 U.S. Marines are dead and billions of U.S. aircraft and weapons are now in the hands of our enemies? We all know we had to get out of Afghanistan. It is how this went wrong that falls on this Democratic administration. Joe Biden ran out the door and left the baby in a tub full of water and the stove was on. He and Pelosi were focused on getting their spending bill passed, keeping Trump in the spot light on Jan. 6 and forgot about the more important matters. You can’t make this stuff up. Joe not only left us down he let our friends and allies down. No one will now trust us and I can’t say I blame them. That is their choice as well!

What will you choose?

Michael C. Spahr



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