Red-state kettles like to call California black

To the editor:

I would like to address the letter that was full of assumptions from Mr. Spahr that was published on Saturday, Aug. 14.

First of all let me address his assumption of the actual people that are moving into California. Really, Mr. Spahr illegals and homeless? Have you by any chance asked all these people moving in to California their legal status or is that just an assumption from a Republican that thinks he knows it all?

Again, Mr. Spahr, if you had actually read my previous letter who would notice that I stated that it was people with more money moving in to the state that those moving out. Maybe you just glanced over my previous letter … .

Now let’s talk about his comments on the state budget of Califiornia in which he stated that and I quote “One third of California’s one-time surplus comes from the taxpayers.”

OK, Mr. Spahr. If you want to talk about federal revenue going to different states to help them with their budgets, let’s talk about the red states whose state budget ever year has to get a boost from the federal government and taxpayer money.

I mean if you are going to moan and groan about California getting a one-time boost then let’s talk about the states that get a yearly boost. You know, Mississippi, in which 45.3% of their budget gets help from the federal taxpayer. Or what about Louisana with 44% or Tennessee with 41% or South Dakota 40.8% or Montana with 39% or what about Georgia with 37.9%?

All red states by the way, you know Republican-run states but, nope, people like you have to moan and groan about California.

If you Republicans were that worried about finances then you would not be getting federal money to run your own states. Did you catch that Mr. Spahr? We are all paying for those states I mentioned.

Now let’s get to CRT and the 1619 project. By claiming that we should only teach kids “the good things America has accomplished and what good we are capable of” is asinine and whitewashing history just so the white man can feel good about himself. What about the horrific things that America has done like making and breaking over 500 treaties with Native Americans just so that Americans could steal their lands? What about the fact that America was actually made on the backs of slaves? What may be good for the white man was not good for the people that were crushed under his heel while the country grew.

By saying that we should whitewash the history that we teach kids is completely asinine. Kids are not stupid. And yes, before you ask, I have helped to raise 23 nieces and nephews and two granddaughters. So I do know about how to raise kids. Telling kids what actually happened in history (both the good and the bad, even though you and others of your ilk want to whitewash it) is the correct thing to do.

The only people that are making an issue out of it and claiming that it is racist and wrong are the racists and white supremacists. Honestly I do not know whether to laugh at your comments on CRT and the 1619 project or feel sorry that your kids don’t know the real history of America.

Now to you not addressing BLM or my comments that were in my previous letter, could that be due to you being schooled on BLM and the truth hurts? I would say so.

George Fisher



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