Voting against your own interests

To the editor:

Michael Sphar please just stop. You are an embarrassment to yourself and to political discord overall. Once again you contradict nearly every point you make within each of your diatribes. Your letters have as little coherence of thought as a Tucker Carlson monologue.

There are so many logical fallacies and falsehoods in your pieces I don’t know where to start so I will just try to bullet point some of them.

¯ Democrat run cities and states send money to the Republican run states. Not the other way around.

¯ All Republicans voted against the CARES Act and thus chose to vote to not fund the police.

¯ Mr. Fisher’s following the crowd as you blindly reiterate the talking points drilled into your head by talking heads of your ilk.

¯ Republican fiscal responsibility… oh please, what a joke!

¯ Fine, who cares, a slogan is associated with a party (defund the police) … welcome to the Republican Party’s idea of governance, grievance on a bumper sticker.

¯ (I don’t even understand your next point but…) yes, you “can” learn but you “will” choose not to.

¯ California has a surplus but the red states are funding the poorly run blue states… how does that work? Oh yeah, someone told me on TV so it must be true.

You know, I’m done! I could go on and on, line by line through every talking point but what good would that do? You people have made it abundantly clear that you have no interest in facts. You see education as indoctrination. You actively maintain your ignorance by decrying everything not endlessly repeated to you by your corporate and political overlords — the talking heads on TV, Twitter and Facebook, as fake news.

You proudly declare your desire to be lied to. Rep. Cheney is out because she won’t lie. The crowd at CPAC cheered when the loser President Donald J. Trump, told them “if you just repeat something often enough, people will start to believe it.” In other words, “I’m lying to you and you are believing me.” And the crowd went wild!

The decades long, GOP plan of deliberately dumbing down the American electorate, such that they are willingly, happily and loyally voting against their own interests in favor of a ruling class of the mega wealthy is paying off in spades. They have been so successful that I’m certain that the (now) GQP would eagerly elect a party who’s platform was the Save Lovers of America from Vile Education Act.

All your favorite people will go on all your favorite programs and tell you how wonderful this bill is, how it will “save America!” They’ll tell you how the liberal, communist, socialist hate it so, make sure you own the libs and vote for people that support this important legislation. You’ll buy the flags, hats and banners. You’ll talk to your friends about how we need to save our children from vile education and only let them be taught “pure” things. You’ll cheer when the legislation is signed and get a smug look on your face as you mutter aloud “we sure showed them.” But you will never have read the bill.

The next day you’ll head into work and notice a bunch of fancy cars as you go through the door. Once inside you’ll be grabbed by men with cattle prods who quickly shackle you and take you into another room with your other coworkers. In the front of the room are four very well dressed men, you recognize them as being from the corporate headquarters. As they begin to speak, informing you of your new rights (or should I say, lack of rights) you ask the young kid that used to wear a Bernie t-shirt “What’s going on?” With tears running down his face he quietly says “What do mean? You got what you wanted. The S.L.A.V.E. Act passed.”

While your new life is being explained to you by one of your new masters, another (a particularly old and large ‘gentleman’) says to one of his bodyguards “her.” After which, a very pretty and young girl is taken away never to be seen again. Your head fills with all the things you had been dismissing as fake, a hoax or a witch hunt. Your mind is flooded with thoughts of all the people you wouldn’t even listen to because they just hate your guy and will say anything to bring them down. then it finally clicks. For the first time in your adult life, you think, “what if I was wrong?” As you begin listening back in, you hear “… congratulations, as per the will of the people and the hard work of your President, you are now the property of the XYZ Corporation. …”

You people are seriously that brainwashed as evidenced by the number of you that are choosing and cheering for the pandemic with your low vaccination rates. You still think Trump should be in the White House despite him being a clear and present danger to the country. Have you ever given the slightest bit of thought as to what would have happened if the mob would have succeeded on Jan. 6? Any thought at all? Where would they have stopped? Who gets to decide who is the “real American”? Do you honestly believe he would care about his base after he no longer needs your vote to be elected? Please, the only thing you’ll have that he’ll want is money!

So I challenge you Michael Spahr, or any other of you cultists out there that “believe” that the election was stolen, tell me, what would Jan. 7 have looked like with Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi and countless other law makers hanging by their necks, dead, on the Capitol lawn? What would the country look like today, six months latter with that criminal, twice impeached (to which he said “it only made me worse”) delusional loser still in power — with no checks or balances? Is that when America would be great again? Someone please let me know.

Eric Becht



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