GOP is who is really defunding the police

To the editor:

Chris Wallace on his Fox News Sunday show on Sunday, June 27, 2021 called out House Republicans for unanimously voting to defund the police.

He asked a Republican representative that came to his show “You voted against the package, against the $350 billion just like every other Republican in the House and Senate. So, can’t you make the argument that it’s you and the Republicans who are defunding the police?

“I’m asking you, there’s $350 billion in this package the president says can be used for policing. … The president is saying that cities and states can use this money to hire more police officers, invest in new technologies and develop summer job training and recreation programs for young people. You and every other Republican voted against the $350 billion.”

That, Mr. Spahr, is why us Democrats are saying that it is the Republicans who are defunding the police. Us Democrats want to still give money to the police, less than what they normally get but that other money would be going to other programs and services that have consistently been defunded such as social services and youth programs.

As for what you saying that AOC is a Democratic leader, nice try, but at least try and get something right. She is a representative, not a leader. As for saying that I am “backpedaling” on what defund the police, nope not at all. When this was first mentioned what it meant was what I stated in a previous letter. It is the right wing that changed the meaning not the left wing. Yes maybe some on the right have taking up the “new” meaning, but that is not what it was in the first place.

Again you mention what George Floyd, a victim of homicide by police, did in the past, which, Mr. Spahr, is immaterial. Why is it that you right wingers always have to mention what the victims of homicide by cop did in the past?

On that note, as you keep mentioning about what the victims did in the past what did Ma’Khia Bryant, 16, do that deserved to be killed by cop? What about Karry Jenkins, 52? What about Daunte Wright, 20? What about Dominique Williams, 32? What about Vincent Belmonte, 18? Come on, Mr, Spahr, you seem to know or even care what a victim of police murder did in the past, please tell us what these victims did that deserved to have a cop act like judge, jury and executioner.

By the way, Mr. Spahr, I did not mention anything about fact checking the police, that was a title of an article published on the Guardian website. See, you can’t even get that fact correct, so why should we believe anything that you have published in the Sentinel?

Those men and women in blue you mentioned, they are hired on the basis that they are there to uphold the law not act like the all powerful being that they seem to think they are. Those men and women are hired to be law enforcement, meaning that they do not break the law, or go beyond their training when supposedly enforcing the law. They, just like the ordinary civilian, are not above the law even though some think they are.

As for believing 100% what I see on news programs, I never watch Fox, by the way, unless it happens to Chris Wallace, the only Fox reporter I like. I actually do a little thing called research. Maybe you should try it some time.

George Fisher



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