Thoughts on race, immigration and masks

To the editor:

I just thought I would express my views on several things buzzing around on the news lately.

First is the case of the cop who was being demonized by BLM and other liberals out there, for saving the life of a young girl by shooting another girl who was about to stab the first girl with a large kitchen knife. (It must have been an assault knife.) You notice I did not mention the race of either of the girls. It should not matter in the incident. If it does, then you are racist. In fact, if it matters to you that the cop was white, you are racist.

What if the cop was black and the two girls were white? What if the cop was black and the one girl was white and the other girl was black? How about if the cop was white and the girls were white and the other black? What if the girl with the knife was white and the other girl black? I submit to you that if any of these scenarios make a difference to you, then you are racist.

When racism is injected into the situation the white cop is is a no-win situation. If he saves the black girl with the knife by not shooting her and she stabs the black girl in pink and she is badly injured or killed, he left that black girl to her fate. Now since he shot the black girl with the knife to save the other girl, he is being portrayed as a racist cop by BLM and the liberal press. How stupid is that?

The cop had no choice. The entire incident happened in about nine seconds from the time he got there until the shots were fired and the girl was on the ground. He wasn’t close enough to get between them and the girl with the knife was in the process of assaulting the girl in pink with deadly force. I saw the video.

Another thing to mention is what is still happening on the southern border with the illegals. I talked about many things that are happening in a previous letter. Things are not getting any better. In fact, they are worse. There were ranch owners on the TV the other day, who said they are finding bodies on their ranches nearly every day of illegals that have died from many causes. How would you like to have to deal with this all the time becasue Biden and his crew have put out the welcome mat?

In addition, look at all the money being wasted paying contractors to not build the wall and all the materials just sitting around that have already been paid for and not being used since Biden just stopped everything with the stroke of his pen.

It was great to hear from the CDC that it is OK to not wear a mask outdoors if you were fully vaccinated for COVID. I got news for these people. I have never worn a mask outside and I even took a trip out west to hunt last fall. I didn’t get sick. I made no one else sick. The same goes for everyone who was with me. We simply used common sense and washed our hands often. I wasn’t about to give up my freedoms for their fear mongering. All life is full of risks. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. I spent a year in Vietnam. I don’t scare that easily.

Stephen E. Sellers



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