Tell your EMS agencies you appreciate them

To the editor:

May 16-22 is National EMS Week.

This year’s theme — This is EMS: Caring for Our Communities — recognizes the EMS practitioner’s dedication to providing high level emergency care throughout our communities 24/7/365.

Whether a medical or trauma emergency, active threat situation, or urgent medical transport for evaluation, EMS is the public health “safety net” prepared and equipped to provide the best care available under some of the most strenuous conditions imaginable.

EMS providers also take an active role in training our community members on how to appropriately handle medical emergencies and best survive crisis situations when and if encountered.

Irrespective of their level of certification, where they provide services, or their payroll status all EMS practitioners are dedicated professionals who spend countless hours preparing for and assisting others in their time of need.

This past year, not only have they continued to respond to our requests for emergency assistance; they also helped staff COVID and vaccine clinics in support of community pandemic response efforts.

EMS practitioners are our family, friends and neighbors who make sure they are prepared every day to help you get through that day. Please join me in thanking the EMS agencies and providers who serve your community. Tell them how much you appreciate their commitment and find out how you can best assist them in providing this service.

Tim Nilson

Executive Director

Seven Mountains EMS Council


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