Most U.S. problems are made worse by GOP

To the editor:

Michael Spahr’s letter to the editor printed May 9 has proven the power of political propaganda at perpetuating a fictional narrative that poisons the discord and feeds the divisions in this country. I wish I did not have to write a correction every time he submits his opinion but unfortunately, once again, what you believe you know, is not true. It is just regurgitation of the talking points of the multi-billion dollar media machine of disinformation.

I’m sorry but, though I can agree that there is a removal of boundaries that has produced an increase of “guttural language and insults,” I have issue with your belief that this is a both sides issue as to who to blame. The person that drove us into this gutter is Donald J. Trump and his endless (misspelled, grammatically incorrect, rude and crude) tweets.

The reason nothing got done in government over the past four years was because Trump did not do his job. If you are believing that 99% of government was involved in trying to remove him then you would have to agree that the vast majority of Republicans were, too, involved in this effort — obviously not true.

Trump spent nearly a full year of his presidency golfing. He didn’t even go into the Oval Office until 11 a.m. most days, if at all. He had four years and never came up with an infrastructure plan, President Biden did it in the first 100 days and went farther by broadening it to a jobs plan to help many sectors of the economy beyond just infrastructure.

Then, of course there the 200-plus bills that the House sent to the Senate where McConnell refused to bring them to the floor. And then there is the Rescue Plan that the went nowhere for months until Biden got it done in days. So if you want to talk about government not getting anything done, be honest and call out the facts as to why; it is the policy and practice of the modern Republican Party, as McConnell said, to spend 100% of its efforts to stopping this administration. You can’t have bipartisanship with those whom only want to stop everything.

Then there are your what-about-isms regarding violence and property destruction. First off, one’s wrong deeds do not validate another’s. Second, you claim “hundreds of businesses burnt down last summer during ‘peaceful protests’,” really, hundreds? I can see why you might think that considering that every hour of every day the propaganda machine showed the same two or three scenes but what you seem to have missed is the date stamp on the clips, they kept repeating the same images while suggesting that this was some new act. Wrong, there were a handful of businesses affected not hundreds.

As far as violence, nothing BLM did even comes close to the violence incited by Trump and his lackeys on Jan. 6 no matter how much the right wants to pretend it didn’t happen — just ask the 400-plus people that have been arrested or the more than 100 police injured with one killed and twocommitting suicide!

The Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers are the real threat not BLM or the nonsensical antifa. The only reason to be against those against fascism is if you, like Trump, embrace fascism.

Eric Becht



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