Letters to the Editor

Have we really gotten to where this is OK?

To the editor:

I was recently driving down Shaw Avenue past where my buddy lives and his kids play, past the church my mother grew up in and there along the street was a large sign proclaiming “(Expletive) Biden and (expletive) you for voting for him.”

I thought “Really?” Is this where we are now? It’s OK to display obscene political signs? Is this where we are? It’s OK to burn down somebody’s barn, it’s OK to storm the Capitol and smash down the doors and windows in an attempt to overturn an election and hang the vice president? This is OK?

It’s OK to call people you don’t agree with demeaning, childish names?

I believe this will be the legacy of the previous four years. Not any legislation that improves the life of our country, but the coarseness and hatred seeded into our consciousness.

Timothy R. Dunmire


Thank you for donating to instrument drive

To the editor:

Thank you to everyone who donated to our recent instrument drive. We received almost 40 instruments, as well as funds to make necessary repairs to them.

These instruments will help to ensure that any student who wants to study instrumental music in our schools has the opportunity. A 2019 study that examined achievement in math, English and science for over 110,000 students indicated that highly engaged instrumental students who studied for multiple years were, on average, academically over one year ahead of their peers who didn’t study instrumental music.

We thank you for your continued support of our music programs in the Juniata County School District.

Brad Eargle

Music Director

Juniata High School

Megan Carahher

Band Director

Tuscarora Junior High School and Juniata Elementary School


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