Left and right share blame for hatefulness

To the editor:

In reply to Mr. Dunmire’s letter on May 6, I would like to say I agree with him except for the comment of the legacy of the last four years.

I saw the same Biden sign in Beavertown. Posting such a sign is confirmation of the complete disregard of the general public. A posting like that speaks volumes about the resident. How do you spell ignorance?

Gutter language and insults have been in politics forever. The exception today is the removal of all boundaries. Let’s be fare if we want to point fingers, there is enough on both the left and right.

There was no government work done because 99% of government was involved trying to remove a duly elected President. Hate of Trump will be the legacy of the last four years.

I feel for the people who lost their barn in Reedsville. I also feel for the hundreds of businesses burnt down last summer during “peaceful protest”!

Please don’t forget the words of Maxine Waters to harass and intimidate public officials. Don’t forget Attorney General Eric Holder and his statement, when they go low, we kick’em. And please don’t forget Robert De Niro on national TV (bleep Trump). We all knew what he said when it came out in other media. More people saw that eloquent statement than the population of Pennsylvania, let alone those who travel Shaw Avenue.

The current no holds barred language did not start on Shaw Avenue. It started when Trump beat Clinton and it went into orbit when election rules were changed without legislative approval and judges looked the other way.

Michael Spahr



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