Don’t be deceived by propaganda

To the editor:

Patrick Buchanan’s piece in April 27 opinion section to me was a perfect example of how a rich talking head can spew propaganda that permeates into our community and allows for ignorance to create fear so that deplorable behavior is elevated to acceptable. This opinion that acknowledging the reality of this nation’s persisting, systemic, historic and real problem of racism somehow is wrong is insane (meaning that continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different out cone is insanity) as that the only way you can plausibly conclude that racism has not always been and is not a systemic problem today, in this county, is to ignore reality.

It is written in the Constitution that some Americans are only 3/5 of a human. If that is not proof of a stain on our soul then I don’t know what is. Mr. Buchanan’s use of the propaganda tool of posing an answerable question and leaving it out there for the reader to just ponder ‘yeah, what other nation has provided the same measure of personal and political freedoms and material blessings…?’ Well, let me answer that. South Africa! You know how they did it? With a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Something that this county has never had and is actively working to avoid. Truth is toxic and reconciliation is scary to the GOP thus millions are spent to endlessly feed the masses a constant dribble of misinformation, disinformation and what-about-isms.

The question Mr. Buchanan raises regarding people of color seeking to come to this (racist) country is also a false flag argument in that it is easily answered. Ask yourself, would you rather live in a racist rich country with a semi-functioning legal system or in a country where you face starvation, rape, murder and/or a dysfunctional government that does not protect your basic human rights? Sounds like a no brainer to me!

Another tool of propaganda from Mr. Buchanan is his referencing black on black crime as some sort of what, validation for … what? How is this misrepresentation relevant to his point? Especially considering that he should not have said “commit … violent crimes,” but what he should have said is ‘are convicted … of violent crimes.” That choice of wording is critically important to propagandist as it allows the reader to take away the perspective that there is an equivalency in outcomes for all who commit crimes, while ignoring the very topic being discussed, the fact that systemic racism exists and creates a disproportionate number of people of color being convicted and incarcerated.

The conclusion presented was also a tool of propaganda. By needlessly bringing into the conversation a years old Hillary Clinton comment is done solely for the purpose of invoking an emotion (always at the core of propaganda is emotion) so that the reader concludes that the subject at hand is associated with a negative state of mind not with intellectual curiosity necessary to have am informed debate.

We, as a society, need to become educated to how it is that people have always, and will always, used the power of words to perpetuate, through deception and carefully selected phrases, ideas and concepts that rational people would otherwise recognize as unacceptable. Racism exists and pretending that it does not is simply falling pray to a system that wants (as it has since 1619 and before) ignorance to feed fear and thus produce an electorate accepting of minority rule for the benefit of the few without ever noticing.

Seek answers, not questions. Draw conclusions from what you know, not from what you have been led to believe. Discern between an emotional response and a rational response so as to not fall pray to those whom conspire to deceive. Be a better consumer of information and shed the yoke of propaganda so we can honesty vaccinate ourselves from this disease we have ignored and allowed to fester untreated since the first day a white man set foot in “the new world.”

Eric Becht



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