What Republicans really fear

To the editor:

Oh my, Mr. Becht what have you uncovered? Could your real problem be that Trump is gone? That the absence of your hate of him is leaving a void in your mind? That you are now seeing for the first time in four years what your hate for one man has done?

You are now questioning why and what Republicans fear/hate. The answer is simple, the right has remained in self defense mode against destructive policy that were aimed at Trump. This was brought on by Democrats bewilderment on how to control a “non political” president and a lack of common sense. In a majority Democrat Congress the left is currently on a feeding frenzy. Balance needs to be restored! If you think for one moment the right will fall down and roll over you need to rethink your position. You are asking the wrong questions.

Let’s be clear. I don’t hate you or Democrats. I loathe what you have stood for the past four years. The traditional left was a tax and spend party that thought more government the better. The right was for less taxes, less government and more independent business to generate revenue.

I fear people who align themselves to the left’s agenda. I am afraid if the left remains unchecked our republic is doomed. The left advocates ideas and policy of Green New Deal, non-gender specific (cannot distinguish between the sex of a man or a woman), BLM (a communist doctrine), gun control, defund the police, federal election controls, $15 minimum wage, forgiveness of student loans, reparations, open border, destruction of historical monuments, advocacy of stacking the Supreme Court, new taxes that may be the largest increase in history.

Yes, Mr. Becht I am afraid but not with hate. I am afraid of the loss of my way life and my pursuit of happiness, of my freedom of speech. I am afraid my currency will fail from uncontrolled spending. I am afraid free thinking will be limited and the education of our children will be dictated by bureaucrats who do not share my values. I am afraid government will one day take my weapons, my self defense from tyranny! Yes Mr. Becht, I am afraid of you and people like you and what you are trying to accomplish. I am afraid of anyone who has no fear government control.

If you cannot see how the left’s liberal doctrine has affected college campuses and influenced “educated” people, you are one of them. It appears you support the left. If you were one of the left that hated Trump, you cannot call me a liberal because I did not like him. I liked what he did. The left hated him because he stood up for the principles of the right. Trump was an arrogant businessman who knew how to get things done. The left feared and loathed that. That fear was ground into to hate to crush him at every turn. Please do not even try to question the right on fear or hate. In the era we live in today, this new political hate and fear was invented by the left with the help of major media and tech giants when Trump was elected.

I respect any Democrat who believes in their basic philosophy of tax and spend. But don’t tread on me with the left’s moral, biological, or abstract measures designed to control the population. Tell me, where is freedom in government control?

You used the proper analogy with puppies who turn into dogs. In the real world dogs mature and heard sheep! I am afraid Mr. Becht you played your hand to soon and revealed the insecurity of your own position. My advice is don’t be a sheep! Do not fear less government. It will leave you alone to make your own way in life. Or is that what you really fear?

Michael C. Spahr



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