What do you stand for, not just believe?

To the editor:

In response to Michael Spahr (letter printed April 22) I would like to say that though I know that you think that what you believe is true and therefore conclude you are correct, what you seem to not be understanding is that beliefs are not facts and being that you follow the dictate of dismissing any and all dissenting opinions, you are unaware of what it is that you do not know and thus you continue to fall pray to the propaganda which allows for you to perpetuate the cycle of ignorance that feeds the false flag fears that you have.

The concept of “you can’t call it a lie if it is ‘your belief'” is insane! If I lie to you and tell you the moon is made of peanut butter and you then believe it and tell another, you may not be lying but you are still wrong. Believing something does not make it true.

If it is that you choose to listen to the directions of a particular political party’s approved media and disavow opposing perspectives I argue that it is you that is the sheep. Being that I consume my news and information from all sides (CNN, MSNBC, Newsmax, Fox, TYT, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, NPR, countless print sources and podcasts form both sides — suffice it to say, I am an insane news junkie), I can say with confidence that I am thinking more independently than you.

All that being said, I asked you what you stand for not what you believe in. There is a difference. A belief is something you hold to be true while what you stand for is a reflection of your principles expressed as policies and/or desires for our future and/or for people — including and especially for those other than yourself.

For example, I think that if you believe your biology does not match your gender, you have the right to do with your body what you choose and considering the fact that I can not know nor understand what another’s life experience is, it is not my place to impede anyone’s inalienable rights. Additionally I stand for a society in which non-binary Americans (actually, all Americans) are free to express themselves as they choose without fear and without being abhorrent to their neighbors. I stand for all people being appreciated for the diversity they bring to the community regardless of my own personal views of their choices. I stand for passing no laws that would infringe on non-binary Americans’ right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What I believe is irrelevant. What I know is that we are all made in God’s image and if God made someone who is different than me, then who am I to judge them for who they are?

So I ask you, being that you believe there are only two genders and that you find a non-binary lifestyle abhorrent, what do you stand for? Do you stand for an employer or landlord’s right to fire or deny housing to someone simply for being born differently than you? Do you stand for the government having the right to hinder people’s ability to have health services because the individual providing the service is ignorant and prejudiced against one of God’s children that lives a different life experience from their own? Do you stand for providing a different (lesser) standard in sentencing for those found guilty of hate crimes against those who the judge or arresting officer feels abhorrence toward?

Ask yourself, being that you do not believe systemic racism exists, how does that translate into what you stand for? What laws do you think should protect whom? What rights or protections should those whom experience what they believe is systemic racism have, if any? What rights or protections should individuals that are knowingly or unknowingly participating in systemic racism have? What does your dismissal of the experience of people you do not know nor understand mean for policy?

The Republican Party seems to only stand for cutting taxes on the rich and corporations, appointing Federalist Society judges, doing everything in their power to maintain minority rule and to obstruct anything and everything put forth. That’s it! They have no polices, only loyalty to a man and opposition to everything.

P.S.: Regarding giving misleading names to spending legislation, this is proof that the information you consume is misleading you. It is called “The American Jobs Act” not “The Infrastructure Bill” Jobs, jobs, jobs — across many sectors of the economy, including (but not limited to) infrastructure.

Eric Becht



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