Think for yourself; don’t be a sheep

To the editor:

Mr. Becht, is it true the snowflakes in Juniata County are melting and the “progressive” water is rising? The editorial page is the only negative feed back I receive. I appreciate the confirmation it gives to my viewpoints. Thank you for your invitation to debate. I would rather keep our discourse in this format. I stand by my statements. My format is simple, take the truth of what the right fears, when mirrored is the basis of what we believe in.

Since most Republicans are free thinkers we have independent views on specific topics. I believe in “walk softly and carry a big stick.” I believe you are born a man or a woman and there are only two genders. You do not get to choose! You can play, dress and act as you wish. Don’t expect me to play in or support a non-binary lifestyle I find abhorrent.

I do not believe in systemic racism, I believe if people would follow police orders they would all be alive. Making a hero out of a criminal drug addict is an abomination to our justice system. This keeps race at the forefront and further divides us.

Our national media is deeply flawed unable to tell the truth. It supports the left because they are willing to play by their rules to sell soap. Truth and justice are not being served, they are being manipulated in the so called “news.”

I believe if global warming was a deadly and imminent threat we would be dead already, many times over. I think it is a problem but I believe this planet has too many people on it. This idea has been around since at least 1973 (think “Soylent Green”).

I believe giving misleading names to spending legislation is cowardly and deceitful. Spending federal tax money to bail out blue state malfeasance is criminal. Calling an infrastructure bill that contains money for kindergarten and education is just wrong. Infrastructure is roads and bridges.

I believe in one man, one vote, at the poll on Election Day. I believe mail-in ballots are wrought with fraud. I could go on but I digress.

I am almost certain none of my views fit your views. You can disagree but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. That is called “free speech.” You can’t call it a lie if it is “my belief.” You have the right to believe in your own ideas.

Since you like to read, this paragraph from an on line article titled, “How Fear Feeds on Ignorance” should interest you and other readers. It did not come from major media.

“Neurotic fears sometimes become quite complex and involved, and can even continue when the stimulus that awakened them has disappeared. In addition there are ways of living and plans we make in life, that are built entirely around fear. These types of people are completely enslaved to fear of people, situations or things around them, and they act accordingly. We can also see evidence of socially incited fears, which aim to break down people’s freedom and make them more manipulable.”

This article fits so well into today’s political condition you would think it was written after Trump left office. Not at all, it’s three years old. Trump is gone. As related in the article, your fear of Trump has enslaved you, Mrs. Loewen and most of the left. I have stated what I fear and it is also based on the fear of what one man has done. It is ground zero for the Democrat backlash of hate-filled policy and blind persecution that has caused the great divide in our political system.

Also mentioned in the article is “socially incited fear” to control everyone! This nation has been in fear for over a year now. This may also be related to how the media manipulated COVID to control the entire population and the election. It infected few but controlled everyone! The part about manipulable condition is where I believe Democrats transform into sheep.

As I said before, don’t be a sheep!

Michael C. Spahr



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