There are many days besides Election Day

To the editor:

There are 364 days in a year besides Election Day. That gives every American 364 opportunities to plan to register to vote and make plans to get to the poll on Election Day. What is the problem?

The problem is Democrats don’t want to miss the opportunity to round up every loose vote for themselves and lay claim to never ending power. Claims of racism and disenfranchised voters are a made up front to hide support for their ambitions.

Again, 364 days to register and plan to be at the poll on Election Day. It worked for years and no one raised the stink we are hearing now. Why? It is as plain as day. The Democrats are ahead by a nose and out of breath. They need these new voting rules to anchor their never ending wins! If these new voting rules are passed we will never see a Republican elected again! So what, you say?

Just imagine Biden has been in two months and already raised gas prices, put more people out of work than he got hired, spent $2 trillion getting blue states out debt and put every American in debt and is planning to spend $2 trillion more on roads and bridges but only a fraction of that is for roads and bridges. Do you see a pattern here? How long until we are completely ruined? Until the Federal Reserve Bank is broken? Until we cannot help ourselves by voting irresponsible liberals out because the rules are only in the Democrats favor?

Please remember there is no rule that says you have to vote. I grew up around a lot of people who did not care about voting. I can’t say this is a wise idea but it is your choice. Everyone should and does have a voice if they want one.

If you are a concerned citizen who believes in the American way of life, nothing would stop you from exercising your right to vote. If you are on welfare and receiving government benefits, chances are you may not be inclined to exercise your right to vote. You’re already receiving what you need. Not what you want, but what you need. It is being paid for by the working people of America. We all have a duty to help those less fortunate. We have no duty to those who milk the system for all they can get.

These are the votes Democrats want. The ones that belong to people who do not invest in America. The ones who don’t care! Their vote counts but they don’t care as long as they get their “entitled” benefits (provided by Democrats). If they cared they would already be on the voting rolls. It’s simple, Democrats want a “quid pro quo.” Democrats give you entitlements, Democrats get your vote. Who better to fill this position than illegal aliens crossing the southern border?

They are not coming for a visit or a part time job. They are moving in and Democrats want them to be registered to vote. This is all provided for by working Americans paying taxes while the loafers and illegals reap benefits with no effort. They won’t even have to go to the poll. Just stay on the couch and leave your ballot in the mail box. Someone will be along to fill it out and send it in for you. Democrats in government office remain in power and the cycle will continue! Like Earl Pitts used to say “Wake up America.”

Is it government’s job to get you ready and lead you to the poll? No, it is your duty as a citizen to go to the poll and determine “for yourself” who can best represent you or answer ballot questions. Ask yourself why would Democrats be so determined to get people registered to vote? They really don’t care if you come to the polls. They only need you to be registered to vote. In the new rules they are proposing, they will collect (harvest) votes via mail-in ballots. These votes will be collected by loyal Democrats. If not filled out or filled out correctly there is no one to stop someone from corrupting the ballots. In some states every person alive will have a ballot issued to them even if they don’t want to vote. Talk about being disenfranchised! These new rules spell fraud, fraud, fraud!

Call, write or text your congressman and let them know you are opposed to changing voting laws by the federal government. Tell them, one man, one vote, at the poll on Election Day. Pennsylvania must return to pre-pandemic rules as well.

Michael C. Spahr



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