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Why won’t Democrats stop illegal immigration?

To the editor:

I will begin this letter with the subject of immigration. I, like most people in this country, am not against immigration. I am, however, against illegal immigration. It should not be permitted to happen, and by all means, it should never be encouraged.

I wish to say what I think should be done as far as immigration to rectify the situation.

1. Complete the building of the wall. 2. Reinstate the agreement with Mexico for those seeking asylum to stay in Mexico until their case is adjudicated and for Mexico to block people coming across its southern border just as President Trump has done. 3. To take away the incentive to cross illegally, pass legislation to make crossing illegally a disqualifying factor for any case. If you cross illegally, you go back and you have no chance of gaining legaly entry for at least one year. If you cross illegally again, you get sent back and cannot cross for five years. If caught a third time crosing illegally, you are, upon being convicted, imprisioned for a predetermined period of time, sent back and never allowed legal entry to the U.S. 4. Anyone caught crossing illegally with contraband of any type, whether drugs or any other banned materials, is arrested, prosecuted and, if convicted, imprisoned, then deported and never permitted to legally enter the U.S.

After these conditions are met, then we can pass legislation to make it easier for those who wish to come here for work at seasonal work on farms and other jobs and return home. But all workers must first obtain a work visa and their work closely monitored by e-verify and any U.S. citizens desiring employment must be hired first.

As I have said in many previous letters, I am not against immigration or immigrants. I am against illegal immigration.

And to answer a letter by Dianne Shearer in The Sentinel on Saturday, April 10, I don’t care what language is spoken or what race a person is, or whether they be male or female, if they come here illegally, yes, they are by definition a criminal.

I also believe that the law should be changed as far as children being born in the U.S. are automatically citizens. I think that at least one of the parents should be here legally for that to be the case.

Now here is where I start stepping on toes. All of you liberal Democrats who are encouraging what is now happening on our southern border are 1. encourgaing lawlessness 2. responsible for every injured child 3. responsible for every rape that happened to some young illegal girl 4. responsible for every death that has happened because of the illegal immigration, and there have been many cases of these occurrences.

You are also responsible for 5. all the extra drugs smuggled across the border because the Border Patrol agents are all tied up with the illegals coming across. You are responsible for 6. every American citizen killed or injured by an illegal alien. Yes, I said illegal alien, not undocumented person.

You are also responsible for 7. traffic accidents caused by an illegal 8. all property damage caused by an illegal and 9. every job lost by an American citizen to an illegal. That is nine strikes already. That should be enough to retire your side.

You self-righteous hypocrites say you are encouraging this to help the poor and downtrodden people of some other country gain a better life, but look how many ways you hurt them and Americans.

The truth is that with power-hungry Democrats, you don’t give a rat’s fanny about these people. You are looking to use millions of these poor and undereducated people as a voting block to gain absolute political power over the citizens of this nation.

If this is not the case, then prove it by stopping the illegal immigration. Then work to establish a better way for people to come here legally. But the illegal migration must stop first. No one in their right mind would support making it easier to come here legally and still allow the people to come here illegally. It is a slap in the face to everyone who immigrates here legally.

I have a son-in-law who immigrated here from England and became a citizen of the United States and I know what all he had to go through to do that. It’s a slap in his face.

I hear Democrats talk about the supposed things that they do to protect our democracy. For starters, we do not have a democracy. We have a representative republic. That is a big difference. According to our Constitution, individual states have more rights than the federal government. But the Democrats want to get more and more control over individuals and individual states.

That is exactly what HR-1 is all about. The Democrats want to establish a federal voting system so they can establish more control over individuals in this country.

Democrats have always idolized leaders of other countries who had complete control. People like Fidel Castro. They love socialism instead of capitalism. I don’t trust people like that. I like being an individual and I love freedom.

Democrats like to portray themselves as the ones looking out for everyone’s welfare and that they have the moral high ground, yet they are the ones who allowed Black Lives Matter and antifa to riot and burn and loot stores and businesses and setting up their little countries for over a year. They think the way to fight crime is to make everything legal so no one needs to be arrested. They also think defunding the police will create safer neighborhoods. They hate the death penalty for murder but love killing the innocents with abortion.

I certainly do not want to ever see Democrats get complete control of this country. If you want to see hell on earth, that would be close.

Stephen Sellers


Thanks for publishing recent STEM story

To the editor:

I wish to extend my thanks to Bradley Kreitzer and to the Sentinel for the extensive article on Mifflin County PASR’s grant to the STEM program at LES and LIS. The grant was administered by Genevieve McCardle and Lauri Dulis, and they chose a worthy recipient in Nathan King and the technology department of MCSD. Thanks go out also to Beth Myers, our liaison with the Sentinel. PASR strives to serve our community, and is very happy to have this opportunity to benefit our school district.

Joan D. Loewen


Mifflin County PASR


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