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Fight freedom-robbing vaccine passports

To the editor:

This letter is in response to an article in the Thursday, April 8, edition of the Sentinel on vaccine passports written by Jeff Fishbein.

First off, I would like to know why these days we are constantly having to fend off people with ideas to take more and more of our freedoms away from us in the manner of a “death of a thousand cuts.” This is taking one small freedom at a time and slowly whittling away at our Constitution.

Second, has anyone thought through what it will take to implement a so-called vaccine passport? It will have to have one’s photo on it to be certain it is only for the person holding it. That means it will be another ID card and will require a massive state or federal mega-billion-dollar bureaucracy to process and issue the cards. Since this disease will be with us forever, so will the bureaucracy and the cards. How many diseases in the future will we also be carrying around cards for? Oh, and we must remember that Biden and the Democrats have declared the necessity of a person of color to show an ID to be racist, so there is that problem. Biden further declared requiring a POC to show an ID to be so far beyond Jim Crow that it is Jim Eagle (whatever that means).

Third, will all stores and other entities be required to have a guard at the entry door to ensure only people with a vaccine passport can enter? Will those not vaccinated not be allowed to shop for food, get medical treatment, travel interstate, use public transport, and so on? The word “punished” was used in the article. Where does that end? What about the Amish? I understand they don’t do vaccines, so will they be forbidden from shopping? If there are exceptions for some things, what does that say about the need for the vaccine passport at all? It is everything or nothing if you get my point here?

Fourth, while six paragraphs were used making fun of those who are concerned about the “preposterous” belief a microchip may be added to the shot, ironically this past weekend the TV show “60 Minutes” had a segment on an implantable COVID-19 microchip to monitor for the disease! It is a product of the Pentagon’s largely secret Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Preposterous conspiracy theory?

Fifth, we should state that the so-called “vaccine” is not a vaccine. The COVID-19 shot from Pfizer and Moderna is an experimental treatment under FDA emergency protocols that reprograms the human RNA (the messenger molecule) in every cell and is a process that has not been tried before, especially on such a grand scale. For that very reason, most of our population has very serious concerns about taking an unknown treatment without adequate testing pushed by a government and pharmaceutical companies that, by law, have no liability when things go wrong. For the record, most of us do not want the FDA to spend less time testing drugs. Look up “thalidomide tragedy” to see what I mean.

Sixth, I am going to implement the left’s mantra of, “my body, my choice,” they are so fond of using when referring to abortion and illicit drug use. It can go for vaccines too. So, if you get the “vaccine,” why are you so afraid of those who don’t? Do you feel maybe your shot doesn’t work? Then why get it? Why insist that it be mandatory for those who do not desire to risk their health on an untested “vaccine” for a disease that is overall 99% survivable?

Seventh, federal law forbids forcing employees into getting vaccines under an Emergency Use Authorization which is what these “vaccines” are issued under. Organizations that require or penalize individuals to force a vaccination can be sued for damages and attorney’s fees.

Eighth, is this really a serious disease? The Biden regime obviously doesn’t think so. Since Biden took office on Jan. 20, an estimated 350,000 illegal entries have been made over our southern border. The practice is now to simply put them on a bus to Anywhere USA without any sort of medical check or even given a court date. If COVID-19 was a serious disease, would they be allowing that?

For the record, I am not an anti-vaxxer. I spent 21 years in the military and was vaccinated for a good percentage of the diseases on the planet and was glad to get those shots. I am anti-loss-of-freedom that a vaccine passport entails. We are at the point where it is time to fight all of these freedom-robbing ideas. This one is especially egregious as I pointed out with my eight points. Space prevents me from more. The shot is a choice and must remain so.

David Adams


You can’t erase South’s history from Gettysburg

To the editor:

This is hard to believe. There were protests at the Gettysburg Battlefield recently to remove statues of The Confederate Army. I ask you. What is wrong with people? How could you properly explain what happened at this historic site when you take away half of the participants names and identities?

The Gettysburg battlefield represents one of the most important battles sites in U.S. history. The statues on the battlefield represent the leaders of both sides. The statues pinpoint the who, what, where, when and how the action took place. How could you not have each side’s leaders represented? This is the best way to show what epic sacrifices took place on both sides on those three hot days in July 1863.

What is harder to believe? Recently a convicted criminal was being put on a pedestal, having legislative bills named for him and his family given millions because he was a drug abusing reprobate that may have been killed by a bad policeman. What a sham this is in comparison to the sacrifice of 50,000 dead at Gettysburg who died in the struggle to end slavery.

And now 157 years later some self imposed crusaders of social justice want to erase their sacrifice? It is hard to believe both of these incidents are taking place during the same week. I take that back. I can’t believe either one is actually happening at all!

I denounce anyone who implies the battlefield statues of being symbols of repression. This is our history! You can’t deny it! You can’t change it! You certainly cannot cancel it by removing their image from a battlefield! You are in Pennsylvania where in 1780 The Abolition Act started the phase out of slavery — the first place in the Western Hemisphere to do so.

You cannot change history no matter how you try. Go back to Gettysburg and be thankful the Union fought and won so you can walk those hallowed battlefields fields with thankful respect … not thankless retribution.

Michael C. Spahr



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