Expressing concerns is not ‘fear mongering’

To the editor:

It’s not hard to pick out who is the epitome of prejudiced and narrow mindedness. All they have to do is open their mouths. When they state what they dislike and are themselves conductors of exactly the same type of behavior.

Mrs. Loewen please think for a moment what you did politically the last four and a half years. You supported and were an active participant of “Trump-mongering”! Over four years of it. Lie upon lie. Impeachment after impeachment. With zero results. What a monumental waste of time, money and energy. Your hate for Trump affected your mind. Nothing else in government mattered to you but to remove Trump! I write a few letters on what Republicans fear. I stand up for conservative principles and I am “fear mongering”? Please allow me and others some room to express our concerns over valid political concerns. My concern over Biden’s policy, executive orders and legislation, that I find dangerous and subversive to the Constitution are a valid political position. That is not “fear-mongering.” It is not a hate filled agenda like yours toward Trump. It is called free speech laced with common sense. Hopefully my concern will only last until 2024.

I understand your concern though. Biden has only been in office three months and is not doing so well. (Southern border, voting reform and unchecked spending) Based on his actions I can assure you it won’t get any better. His decisions will come home to roost. So get used to the criticism. If you are that thin skinned you may want to stick to the comic strips. Joe will be there soon.

Michael Spahr



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