Democrats love using vague descriptors

To the editor:

Isn’t it funny how an adverb in front of a verb or an adjective in front of a noun can change the entire meaning of a phrase or a statement? For instance, the word, “immigrant,” or words, “illegal immigrant.”

Any person (child or adult) who enters the U.S. without following the legal immigration procedures (visa, green card, and etc.) is “actually” an unlawful, illegal immigrant.

Whether it is by crossing the U.S. border with a “coyote” or buying a fake U.S. passport, a foreign national who enters the U.S., illegally can be both convicted of a crime and held responsible for a civil violation under the U.S. immigration laws.

Entering or attempting to enter the U.S. anywhere on the U.S. border which isn’t a border inspection point or a designated point of entry is a crime.

Anyone who illegally enters the U.S. without going through a “port of entry” is declared an “undocumented” immigrant. By law, an “undocumented person” does not have permission to live in the U.S. They are not authorized to work and they are “not” to have access to public benefits like heath care and driver’s licenses.

In reference to these prior paragraphs, “undocumented” immigrants who do not enter through designated points of entry are technically “illegal.”

I and many Americans feel for the illegal immigrants (children and adults) who are illegally crossing the U.S. border. These people’s purpose of illegally crossing our border is to improve their children’s or their social/economic situation of their being for the most part from an oppressive country which they left. Ironically, these individuals are leaving many countries which employ socialistic governmental policies which our Democratic Party is presently trying to impose on us Americans.

If I was in the same situation, I would probably do the same. Any parent who loves their children would do the same if the situation presented itself. Even though we must be sympathetic to the illegal immigrant children, by law, they are breaking our laws which makes them criminals.

But America is supposed to be a “nation of laws”? Actions supported by the Democratic Party over the past few years have put the before mentioned “nation of laws” in question. A few examples: Hillary Clinton’s illegal actions with her governmental emails, the false accusations against President Trump with many things but especially the Russian hoax and the two bogus impeachments, Defund the Police support, and the devastating destruction of quite a few of our cities this past year by BLM, Antifa, and other leftist groups. The Democrats were the main instigators of these actions which wasted many millions of dollars in invalid investigations and also supported and even bailed out many BLM, antifa, and other leftist supporters who caused billions of dollars of damage in some of our U.S. cities.

The Democratic voters and the Biden Administration are totally and entirely guilty of encouraging these illegal immigrants to violate the U.S. laws. The Democratic voters were told by candidate Biden of his intentions at the border if he won the election.

So, the real criminals here are the Biden administration officials who are encouraging the breaking of our U.S. immigration laws. I did not see any Trump T-shirts being worn by illegal immigrants in the past but I have seen many Biden T-shirts being worn by the present illegal immigrants.

Why can our country’s politicians encourage the breaking of our laws and themselves not be held responsible or even prosecuted for these actions?

It amazes me at this point in our history that many people think the U.S. is the most educated nation in the world. For that reason why do we not specifically express ourselves in an educated, honest way especially when a subject is so political? Using the word immigrant is not specific. In today’s world, there are “legal” and “illegal” immigrants. But people are more political than specific so they use vague terms to support their cause.

It is disgusting that all these children are being used as “pawns” in this border crisis. The “coyotes” and the Democrats know how pictures of these children have a sympathetic appeal to the American people. The situations in the border plexiglass/plastic cages, dropping of the children over the fence, abandoning of the child in the desert, and “how many” have died in transit are appalling. I have to question if the Democrats are not as guilty of child abuse as the “coyotes.” What is the Democrats’ real purpose in this uncontrollable invasion?

I have one question to ask those who do not believe a crime is not being committed by these illegal immigrants. The question is, if those illegal immigrants are trespassing on your property and demanding that you provide them with their needs, would you be receptive to their requests? Many Americans who own property along the Mexican/American border are having their property trespassed and even damaged by the illegal immigrants’ actions.

I know it is very depressing to admit by the many non-supportive Americans (Democratic voters, Democratic senators and House reps., and some Republican senators and House reps.) that President Trump was a much, more productive politician than many of these lifetime “swamp” dwellers. He outdid these lifetime politicians with his “Make America Great Again” policies and also with his southern border policies.

With the swipe of Biden’s pen, he eliminated successful southern border policies which brought about the most successful control of the southern border since this problem began. It is time for Mr. Biden and the Democratic Party to put their “big boy and girl” pants on and admit their mistake. Biden should reinstate the Trump border policies so that the U.S. laws can be applied and do what is rightfor the American people and the people who want to legally immigrate to the U.S.

Let us encourage the people who want to immigrate to the U.S. that by following our laws we can be a “nation of laws” and they will be members of a society which will provide a law abiding environment where they can live and prosper.

Dave Quay



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