Baker would do great job on school board

To the editor:

I was delighted when I heard that Mark Baker is running for election to the Mifflin County school board. I have known Mark for over 25 years on both professional and personal levels. He has spent 35 years in our school system teaching vocational agriculture and building trades. Mr. Baker retired from teaching last year and will be able to devote the time and resources needed to research important issues and attend meetings.

Mark is not a “knee-jerk” decision maker. He puts much time and thought into his decisions and will not easily be persuaded to change what is conscience tells him is the right thing to do for our students. Mark has hands-on knowledge with our school system and the students we educate. His number one priority has always been to provide the best educational experience for our students. I have witnessed his classroom firsthand when he was a vo ag teacher and have always admired his true compassion for preparing his students for their adult life.

Mark is humble and a man of few words. When he speaks, his words have true meaning and ever word is worth listening to. He is genuinely concerned more about others and their happieness than he is his own. Mark is very honest and I know that he believes our school board needs to be honest and transparent with those in our community. He is a good listener and will take into account the opinions of others as they pertain to our school system. He is fiscally responsible personally and I know he will give deep thought to the manner in which the board spends our taxpayer dollars.

I have lived in Mifflin County for over 30 years and have met thousands of great people from our community. I cannot think of anyone that his better qualified than Mark Baker to be on our school board. He is just the kind of individual our students need making decisions that will positively impact their future.

Anthony Potorti



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