Answers for a socialist thinker

To the editor:

Once again I opened the paper and am greeted by the socialist mantra of Gary Gill. And as usual his venom is aimed at our former president when in fact the current president is more deserving. When will his rhetoric of hate ever end?

The issue of immigration is, if legally applied, trespassing at the very least, with many of those illegally entering our country having the intent of criminal trespass. How in Gill’s mind does that not equate with criminality? They are illegal aliens in the commission of a criminal act no matter how many like him would make trespassing otherwise.

I might ask if these aliens are so impoverished and threatened with harm or death in their own countries why would they need to travel costly thousands of miles to escape that terror when there are a number of countries within a less traveled distance? Huh? Could they not travel south or even find haven in those countries he mentioned in their travels? Oh, forgot again, climate change is now added to the myriad of causes and that too is Trump’s fault.

Oh dear, have we no shame for the care of the children? Seems the so-called cages during the Trump era are now more expanded than ever under Biden’s watch. Even Harris, the VP, would not wish to view them for she would have to recognize just that.

A matter that confuses me is the unaccompanied “children.” I know for a fact that many are not “children,” at least by their own country’s standards, 16 to 18 are adults, and are willing carriers of drugs and weapons and some are active members of M13 gangs. Then I wondered what mother or father would allow their child to travel through a desert and in the hands of despicable criminal “guides” who offer nothing more than a demand for payment in the commission of an illegal criminal trespass? And of course as protectors they would never cast aside the “children” should they be discovered would they? Fact is they often abandon the children to die either in the desert lacking food or water or perhaps drown crossing deep water in their own effort to escape. Oh. forgot, that too is somehow Trump’s fault.

When my grandparents came to this country they were required to have a sponsor and not permitted to apply for government welfare. And if they did not speak English they soon learned how to do so without cost of government assistance but ironically by their own children who learned to speak the language accepted by their adopted nation — English. Why now are the taxpayers required to provide language aides for a child who often is not willing to learn our language as the major assimilation method of an immigrant? Is the intent to force upon this nation bilingualism?

Mr. Gill, might I ask how many of those “immigrants” you welcome so eagerly have you invited to share in the comfort of your home? I would suppose you would defer and place the burden on your neighbors, the taxpayers, upon whom you would shoulder with the costs of habitat and all the others means of upkeep.

I agree with Mr. Quay in that I firmly believe the 2020 vote was fraudulent in quite a few states, even our own. Please do not further confuse yourself. The courts did not determine it was not so, they simply refused to hear the petitions submitted. In some they refused claiming the issue was moot. So now, the vote of the citizen is moot. Huh?

In fact, Mr. Gill, the proof was as clear as day. Our state legislature’s voting law was not only ignored but it was illegally changed by our governor, the sheep in wolf’s clothing and his Democrat pals to extend the acceptance of ballots past their legal time. I found that perfect for ballot fraud.

Diane Logan



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