Why do Republicans fear everything?

To the editor:

I truly do not understand what is going on in the ecosphere of the Republican propaganda universe. Everything is something to fear or to hate. It doesn’t matter what the subject is or the facts surrounding it, all that matters is that you are now afraid of it and thus hate it.

Read in the voice and cadence of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, or Laura Ingraham:

Tonight we are going to talk about the latest threat from the radical, Socialist left. It may not seem like a threat, but you need to know that it is a threat. And you need to know that this threat is tearing at the fabric of our country. Puppies! Now you may be asking, why are puppies so bad? Who has ever thought of puppies as something that would be so controversial, but the are! What makes puppies so evil? Well, let’s think about it. What do puppies turn into? We all know. Dogs! And no one out there can deny what dogs do. You’ve seen it with your own eyes. It even happened at the White House. Dogs can bite. If they are able to bite people at the White House, then they can bite you. They can bite your children. Where does it end? How can you protect yourself? They’ve taken away your guns and left you defenseless from this enemy that the left promotes as something you should love. What choice do you have? Will everyone be forced to have these creatures that will bite you? Maybe not today, but we all know that it will happen and when it does you can blame the tyranny that has been thrust upon you by the main stream media and their undying support for the radical left.

Now let’s bring in someone that has been directly affected by this scourge of violence from these so called ‘dogs.’ Not just any ‘dog’ but one that came across the southern border, as a puppy I might add! Then after using our resources, after taking the place of our dogs, and after being given sanctuary in our cities, this puppy grew up and bit the hand of her child! Welcome Ms. So and so, let me start out by asking you; what can be done to stop these radical Socialists that have made it so dangerous for, not just your family, but for families all across this nation and why do you think Joe Biden hasn’t reached out to you in your family’s time of pain? Do you think anything will ever be done about this growing crisis? Puppies!

Blah, blah, blah…interview.

When we come back we are going to talk about how a private, philanthropic estate of a dead man has decided, for their own interests and the interests of their brand to stop publishing (not removing from circulation) five items from its’ very large catalog of works that stretch back nearly a century. …oh wait, that was my voice… Back to the news: When we come back we will discuss Dr. Seuss being canceled! Side note; if you are going to be cute about this, Robert McCormick, you should at least use as your examples, the titles that were ‘canceled.’

Rinse and repeat hour after hour till the next day when puppies are replaced by the next boogie man that will let you go to bed with the knowledge and comfort that the right is right and the left is scary again today as it has always been and always will be. Especially when never listening to anyone that will ever tell you anything otherwise.

Eric Becht



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