What will Democrats try to cancel next?

To the editor:

In this age of “wokeism” and “cancel culture” where liberal Democrats want to ban this or that, cancel that, someone needs to speak with some common sense.

There are two liberal Democrats from California, no les, that want the federal government to pick a date when they will ban gasoline-powered cars and trucks. Universities run by liberal Democats and their brainwashed students want to ban conservative voices and speakers at their schools.

The present liberal Democrats in charge of this nation, President Biden and his accomplices, by executive order, have banned a very effective strategy for border security and turned it into a nightmare. They want to ban Dr. Seuss and Shakespeare.

They want to ban the AR platform rifles and any magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and the Second Amendment as well.

They want to ban sensible criminal justice. They just released over 1,800 illagal aliens convicted of crimes. The liberal Democrats are trying to ban the death penalty for first degree murder and have in some states. The Democratic governor of Virginia just signed it into law there. If you don’t think that God supports the death penalty, get out your Bible and read Genesis 9:6. Democrats have been trying to ban public prayer at any school activities.

These are just a few of the things that liberal Democrats are trying to ban. I think what needs to happen is for all conservative-minded people and all Republicans to come out strong in all future elections and ban and cancel liberal Democrats from all offices here in Pennsylvania and across this entire nation.

Stephen Sellers



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