Thanks for clarifying when it’s OK to riot

To the editor:

This is in reply to Ms. Loewen’s submission to The Sentinel March 4.

Ms. Loewen, nice try to cancel my “opinions” and claim “untruths.” So typical.

Thank you for clarifying when it’s OK to riot, burn and murder and when it is not (When a convicted felon in the commission of a crime has allegedly been murdered by police it’s OK). Really? Is revenge an authorized Democratic policy?

Burning and looting Portland for 100 days is a crime not an act of justice. I appreciated your comment on common sense. However, you can either justify the riots in Portland or condemn them, you can’t do both? If you really believe in this principle you are closer to incitement to riot than Donald Trump.

Your explanation is such a Democrat statement it ought to be framed or put in the dictionary as typical Democratic double talk. If that is your idea of I balance you are far to the left of left. I will not dignify your justifications of burning, looting, murder further.

I agree with your take on cancel culture. You can add CNN and Fox and all major networks as perpetrators. The right had a good teacher in how to “cancel.” The Democrats’ cancellation of Dr. Seuss’s books recently adds a special touch to this demented Democrat invention.

What kind of sick mind invents such policy? There is no justification for this except in parody, because it really is a joke, a sick one at that.

Michael C. Spahr



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