Social media is not a source of real news

To the editor:

This letter is in regards to the Sentinel editorial on changes needed in social media dated Feb. 23. I don’t know the legal rules governing publishing or social media. I really don’t think social media is a news forum but is in reality a tabloid/entertainment/communication format. Anyone who thinks Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are news sources has a serious problem. Someone respected and responsible needs to inform the public that social media is not an official news platform but is a propaganda medium that can affect your common sense when used to spread the “news.”

Mainstream media has tragically abandoned it’s integrity and moral compass. This is because the network owners and publishers have a political agenda. This is why most people do not trust mainstream media. The bias we see daily in the news can be subtle or bold. The common thread is not the truth but misdirection. The direction of thought. We are ever so slowly being lead in the direction the media wants to reflect. What is at the end of this misdirection? Obviously it has nothing to do with truth or misdirection would not be needed! This is what really scares me.

What misdirection you ask? The most obvious is the editing of news clips and the manufacturing of documents and photos to support false narratives. There is another name for this, it’s called lies. Other mild forms are making broad statements of potential stories or actions in order to bend the truth when the story breaks. Statements like “sources tell XYZ news that COVID came from an animal market” or was it a virology lab? We still have not determined 100% where it came from. But the news will tell you anything. Who was that source anyway?

The other side of the coin is not reporting or underreported news. With everything bad, sad and dangerous going on in the world the lead story was Tiger Woods’ accident. No disrespect to Mr. Woods. I hope he recovers, but is this the most important story facing the world? Give me a break! We are being spoon fed only what sells and what the controlled mainstream media wants us to hear. This is so dangerous it should be considered a national security threat.

Congress should consider legislation to compel the news media to use a banner, when a reported mainstream story is the “truth,” “speculation” or some form of “entertainment.” We can never tell the media what to say but we should certainly be able to expect the truth when they report it as such. (Sources stated to our reporter or it’s been reported to us) These types of statement should be outlawed without the names of the source and reporter. Accountability is badly needed. The news would be much shorter if every story was verified and true.

We deserve the facts presented truthfully so we can make our own minds up about events that affect our lives. Mainstream media and social media are not the news or the source of the news, they are bad news for everyone that fully believes in them!

Michael C. Spahr



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