How is President Biden doing so far?

To the editor:

How is President Biden doing? Well, Central America and Mexico love him. The border is wide open. He stopped the “wall” and is replacing it with a welcome mat. It’s like going to Disneyland now, only your parents don’t have come with you. (Each child gets his own cell, err, I mean room) and air traffic from the Middle East is up in Mexico with people who want to “visit” the United States without the hassle of customs and immigration. (Don’t forget 9/11! … Film at 11!)

He stopped the Keystone Pipeline and put tens of thousands out of work. This has also contributed to the rise in gas prices. Who doesn’t like that? Please, if you voted for Biden put your signs back in your yard so I know where I might be able to borrow some gas when it hits $7 a gallon.

He signed what had been known as “The Covid Relief Bill” and is now the “American Rescue Plan.” Why the name change? Could it be because his liar liar pants were on fire? (Do you feel betrayed yet?)

Next on his list is the largest tax hike in U.S. history. Boom, there it is, he puts money in your right hand and will take it from your left hand. He says this tax will be on the richest people in America. Really? We all know how this really works and we know what rolls downhill. We will all pay with higher prices on everything to keep the money flowing back to the ones paying the highest taxes.

He has returned to a failed policy with Iran, rejoined the Paris Climate Accord and signed 40 other similar executive orders. Frankly I have heard enough. Thank you President Biden for proving beyond a doubt what a great president Trump was! It only took you two months! Pace yourself or America will be gone before your term is up!

One more thought; there is a new fence, barbed wire and controlled entry by the military at the U.S. Capitol (our house). There is no impending threat there. Not a word from Joe on this. There is nothing at our southern border no fence no organized entry along most of the border with tens of thousands of people crossing without control of any type. This proves that non-U.S. citizens have more freedom and control of America than native-born Americans and legal citizens. We are now governed by demented, senile, anti-American despots.

Michael Spahr



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