History shows why 2nd Amendment is needed

To the editor:

I agree with Mr. Carson’s call for Mifflin County to become a sanctuary for the Second Amendment. Most of the time I cannot believe we even need to have this conversation! We have the right to “keep and bear arms” via the U.S. Constitution. For those who disagree I have this to say.

This country was founded by the “violent “ act of rebellion by men who came together to fight for what they believed in. Thank God for them! They took their muskets down from above the door or fireplace mantle and joined with their neighbors to “kill” the British who were trying to force them into paying taxes and abusing them or “killing them” into royal submission. When it was over the musket went back to its place above the door until food was needed or when there was a problem. Back then, people were bushwhacked. Today, you’re mugged. Back then wild animals could attack. Today drug laden thugs and perverts creep in every neighborhood. The only thing that has changed are the names and terms. We still need to defend ourselves.

Once America attained a well-regulated militia, the need for the musket was only needed for food and defense of your home. Or was it? The one principle so overlooked these days is “defense from government tyranny.” The core of the American Revolution was to break free of British tyranny! This fear was the main focus in the forming of this country.

Our Bill of Rights is packed with these principles to distrust and avoid government control. This remains true to this day in the hearts of Americans who realize the power of responsible citizens. Once you relinquish this power to government, you are no longer free. Regulation of any kind on the Second Amendment would be the beginning of your loss of all freedom. You say there is no need for a 100 round magazine or automatic weapons. I say if criminals, who could not care less about gun laws, have a Mac 10 or AR-15 attacking me in my home, I want more than a butter knife in my closet. If I’m driving on parts of Derry Street at night in Harrisburg, I not only have the right to carry a firearm, I need a firearm to protect myself.

If the object of this is to stop people from shooting each other, why don’t we go ahead and ban cell phones in cars while we are at it? Vehicle accidents are violent, deadly and kill every day. Is there any way we could force drug dealers to buy insurance in case their addicts die? Drunks with multiple DUIs can’t afford insurance but drive anyway and kill people.

The veil of gun registration and insurance to own a gun as a cure for gun violence is not the answer. This is like putting iodine on 20-inch stab wound. It will not stop the bleeding. This is the crack in the dam and will lead to no guns in America. Don’t tread on me!

If you (government) feel the need for more regulation on guns, take the billions wasted on TV election commercials and buy some mental health care for those who need it and let the sane people alone. A gun by itself in the hands of a responsible citizen never killed anyone. I don’t feel we should give up our gun rights and pay for insurance (that we don’t need) to satisfy a minority, who’s false belief is, it will cure gun violence. Criminals and the mentally ill don’t care about gun laws or feelings.

Michael Spahr



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