US has best Congress money can buy

To the editor:

Stanton Howe III, a true yankee blue-blood, was the darling senator of New England’s highly profitable insurance monopolies. Stan dreams of someday sailing his yacht in the America’s Cup races.

Senator “Wild Bill” Bilkum was legendary throughout the oil producing states for his fundraising barbecue events. It was rumored he spit-roasted an entire T-rex at his first shindig. His constituency demonstrated approval by grunting, howling and pounding on hollow logs.

The major pharma-monopolies were represented by young Senator Lyle Dewey, sole heir to a drugstore chain fortune. Lyle mumbles a lot.

These same senators form a consulting firm in the Bahama Islands. The corporate office contains an automated message system, one secretary handling mail and another secretary handling banking.

Any corporate entity in the U.S. and abroad needing assistance with fossil fuel, insurance or pharmaceutical deregulation know the firm that always delivers is Dewey, Bilkum and Howe in the Bahamas.

Of course, the Bible-toting senators are ficticious characters; however, the behaviors occurring between the corporations and our elected officials is quite factual. Bribery has been legalized as consulting fees.

The corporate office is accurately portrayed and they exist in any state or nation-state with banking secrecy laws and cheap charters of incorporation. We have the best Congress money can buy.

Just ask Fred Keller, or any of the other professional grifters we elect to public office, if this is the way they do the people’s business in Congress, and have a Bible on hand when you ask them. (Nick H., thanks for the kind words.)

Peter Mazurkiewicz

Beaver Springs


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