Liberals hate walls until they need them

To the editor:

Has anyone noticed we have a new wall in this country patrolled by armed troops? When patriots argued we needed to control traffic at the U.S. border, Democrats talked endlessly about the evils of the border wall. It was immoral, xenophobic and racist. They also said walls did not work and refused to authorize funding to properly equip and staff border control units.

We now have a tall fence topped with razor wire surrounding the U.S. Capitol. Do walls work now that Joe Biden is president? As of Feb. 17, we spent $500 million to place and maintain armed National Guard troops to patrol the U.S. Capitol. There was no worry among the liberals in Congress about the ill effects of open borders — human trafficking, illegal drugs which claimed as many 300 lives per day, nor the crime or financial burden faced by communities that absorbed a large influx of illegal immigrants.

But when the power-hungry elitists feel threatened, they need a wall.

Dennis Clark



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