Impeachment was pure political theater

To the editor:

I was willing to let Trump fade into the past and look for President Biden’s healing, then the Raskin clown show hit center stage in the United States Senate. That put a stop to getting on with the real problems facing America.

Friday, Feb. 12, 2021 the day the Democrats were spanked on national television by the Republican impeachment defense. It took the Democrats about nine and a half hours Wednesday and Thursday to craft their impeachment political agenda. It took the Republican defense two and a half hours (1/3 the time) on Friday to completely dismantle it. It’s not hard when your telling the truth! The best part was watching national TV media at the break go into major damage control after the videos were shown and proved Trump did not incite anyone at the Capitol (Remember incitement of an insurrection was the basis of the impeachment charge). The videos of the Portland riot with Democrats and BLM burning the city with commentary of “peaceful protests” was amazing. I wonder what that commentator would call an attack on the Capitol by Biden supporters? Probably a building inspection? The TV anchors in their narrow imagination went right back to lies and spinning everything that was shown. They didn’t have the guts to stand up straight and confess to the half truths they told for the last four years. They should have acknowledged the whole statements shown on the president’s speech videos as the truth. If you weren’t a sheep you saw it all as plain as the noses of their red faces. Do not listen to main stream media! They are bald-faced liars. The lies and misrepresentations grow louder and stronger every day without a hint of guilt or remorse.

Now on Saturday the verdict is in. Not guilty! As predicted the vote was mainly along party lines with a few Republicans changing lanes. What a monumental waste of time. If the Democrats wanted to get Trump the right way, it was to follow criminal law and arrest him. But wait! The Democrats knew they couldn’t, because there was no evidence of inciting a riot. So, we all got the Raskin clown show. Pure political BS that hurts America more than the ex-president.

If you want to complain about “stop the steal” and the rest of that, get in line. There is no law against it. The election is over. As Nancy says “people will do what people do.” If you feel the need to riot be ready to be arrested.

Now let’s review the last for years in short :

Quid pro quo: unfounded and false

Russian collusion: false and $40 million spent on the inquest

Impeachment abuses of power: Not Guilty

Impeachment insurrection: Not Guilty

Trump denied due process: True

Impeachment used as a Democrat political tool: True

All of this at the hands of Democrats who lied and cheated to no end except to divide America trying to unseat a sitting U.S. president. This is your government at work! Is this what we elected them for?

I see a distinct pattern here, do you?

I hope Trump never runs for office again. I did not write this to support him. I wrote this because the Democrats need to be put in check. Cancel Culture cannot be part of our future. We all have the right to believe in and say what we want. If you don’t agree, turn it off, turn away or truthfully speak your mind. The Constitution is being stretched, pulled, trampled and abused. The last four years proved one thing, that the Democrats’ total unconstrained hate of one person is dangerous to all people, ideas, ideals, history, elections and the very soul of this nation.

Michael C. Spahr



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