If Biden wants unity, he isn’t showing it

To the editor:

For a president who claims to want to do what is good for the country and bring everyone together, President Joe Biden is doing a lousy job. His executive orders are doing just the opposite.

Ending the Keystone Pipeline and eliminating over 1,100 jobs is not going to make those people want to lock arms and sing songs together with those in power. I know how they feel about losing a good job when you have a family to raise.

In the early 1980s when Standard Steel went down, I was a pipe fitter and pipe welder which paid a very good wage for this area. We went from working six to seven days a week to sharing time, then laid off in just three weeks. It was not becasue Standard Steel did not have orders, either. They had more orders than they could fill in the next 3 1/2 years. It was that many of their customers were having problems and the canceled orders. The same thing will happen from the job losses from the pipeline. It won’t just be those people that will be affected. It will snowball.

Thank God that a judge put a stop to his order to put a hold on deportations of illegals. that would just put illegals that have already been convicted of crimes back into the general population in this country and make the country less safe. Biden’s and other Democrats’ idea of letting more illegals into the country, when they could be contagious with COVID would not make the country safer, either.

As for the Green New Deal Biden and the Dems are promoting, it’s a bunch of bull. It will kill the economy. We will lose more jobs, lose our energy independence and make China and Middle Eastern nations richer. How does that help the U.S.? By all means, work at developing so-called green energy and when it becomes cheaper than oil and gas, people will gladly switch. Just remember that solar panels and windmills present their own environmental problems. When the solar panels go bad, what do you do with them? Same goes for the windmill blades when they wear out or become damaged. The fiberglass will not degrade on its own and at present there is no plan to do anything with them but find a place to store them. Besides, the wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine.

It does not help to bring people together when those in power try to tell 75 million people that because we believe in strict interpretation of the Constitution that we need to be re-educated or just because I am white that I am a racist. All this is coming from people that are so whack-a-doodle that they can’t tell the difference between a male and a female. I am in reference to the allowing of transgenders to compete with natural-born girls on the same team.

Stephen Sellers



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