Why do politicians care so little for our concerns?

To the editor:

A question asked in the “phone in” section of The Sentinel was if others had received their $600 stimulus check. I know a few here in Juniata and Mifflin county who still are waiting for the funds, I am one of them.

I did a trace only to find the check was supposedly mailed on Jan. 6, yet never arrived. Tried to even do a postal track but without success. Now read I would have to file for a rebate when I do my income taxes. Huh! A good example of “I am from the government and I am here to help you” nonsense. Huh!

Then there is the question of COVID vaccinations. I would wonder how many of those like me who are eligible seniors have not gotten the vaccination and have not been given a timeline when that might be possible. To call one’s primary doctor only gets a “I don’t know.” Another HUH!

There should be a hotline where citizens might call to get information pertaining to those issues. The IRS does not provide one and a call in regard to where and when the vaccine would be available locally seems to be non-existent.

I suspect the pharmacies might have the vaccine on hand even before our primary doctors or the local clinics. We might well be considered out of the loop being we are seen as living in the boonies. I say that being that already in some states all one has to do to get vaccinated is do a drive by, Florida as an example. It would probably be faster for me to drive to Florida, get on line to receive the vaccination than wait here to be even given a heads up.

Heck, where I live cannot get cell phone service at our homes and even to get here we have to drive over a temporary bridge installed by PennDOT for which we are forced to pay rent. It is our only access and has been placed over the old bridge which has been unstable for at least ten years. Makes me wonder why we bother to vote for some of these politicians who offer little in the way of answers to our concerns.

Diane Logan



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