The Democrats, not Trump, are unhinged

To the editor:

Unhinged! Unhinged! It’s the word of the day in D.C. coming from the left.

Who was it that was screening for Donald Trump’s impeachment before he even took office? Who was it that said Trump was a Russian spy? Who was it that said he used Russian help to win an election? It was the left, the Democrats. Who was it that tried to use a bogus impeachment to get him out of office? Nancy and the Democrats. Who said Trump would need a magic wand to bring back manufacturing jobs to the U.S.? Oh, that was Obama, a Democrat.

All the things that President Trump was accused of, it turned out that all the Democrats were guilty of and their accusations regarding Trump were false. Even after years of investigations and millions of taxpayer dollars wasted.

Now when did Trump have the magic wand to bring back manufacturing jobs, did that make him unhinged? When Trump eliminated regulation to make the country run more efficiently and build the best economy this country has ever seen, did that make him unhinged? When we had the best unemployment numbers for all races and genders, did that make him unhinged? When Trump negotiated peace deals that no one else was ever able to do and make the world safer, did that make him unhinged?

Donald Trump has done more for the welfare of the common man in the United States and around the world than any president in my lifetime and maybe for all time. And I am going on 75 years old. From my point of view, the people in this country that are unhinged are the ungodly liberals and Democrats in the government in this country. The same ones who are scared to death of Trump’s popularity among the common, everyday people. The same people that really make this country the greatest country the world has ever seen.

Stephen E. Sellers



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