Marx must be very proud right now

To the editor:

In this past year we have witnessed the onslaught of the Chinese virus unleashed by the Communist Chinese which has affected our republic even down to our constitutional freedoms.

We have also experienced the destructive agenda of the insidious communists in our midst hiding under banners such as democracy, a term found abhorrent to our founders; socialism; BLM, a clearly identified Marxist organization; Antifa, the socialist bully arm, not unlike the brown-shirt thugs of Nazism; even some of the so-called ministers of churches who allow to fester in their midst and even promote the advocacy of evils such as abortion and deviant sexual behaviors, both of which are biblical abominations.

Our cultural icons are being ravaged; our history is being edited to reflect a false narrative; our school children are being brainwashed by well-established propagandists. And all to often the citizenry sit by in total ignorance.

One has to wonder if there is even left one good apple left in the political and social barrel.

Where down the road does the last chapter of a proud republic meet the final goal of the political parasites whose votes are garnered using the bribery of “give me” programs?

The lemmings no longer run over the cliff, now they simply stop and feed at the taxpayer trough. They care for little but their selfish wants and ignore the practical needs to secure a vibrant republic.

Those who do not share the financial responsibility of a nation should not be the ones voting to impose the payment upon others.

Is there anyone left to speak the words of JFK? “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”

P.S. I fear that what is happening in D.C. as I submit this is just the result of the people’s frustration of not being heard. A ballot count being allowed past the legislative legal date; the late arriving ballots happening to be for Biden; the unsigned ballots, a violation of law, once again being awarded to Biden. How is it that the late arriving ballots are for the most part for Biden? Is it because Democrat voters wait until the last minute just to have the last word? No! Personally I think the element of fraud has raised its ugly head.

Diane L. Logan



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