GOP finds itself at crossroads

To the editor:

He who lies down with dogs shall rise up with fleas. MAGA has shown its true colors and if you still want to be part of that you need to fully own what that is. The GOP is at a crossroad and it is time to decide if you want to be itchy or conservative.

Are you for the rule of man or the rule of law? Does the Constitution mean whatever you believe it means or do the words laid down by our founding fathers have value and purpose? Does Article 2 give the president the “right to do whatever (he) wants to,” or does it lay out the powers and limits of the executive branch? Do you believe the First Amendment is a shield for you to lie without consequence, or a protection for honest discord? Does your right to bear arms provided for you to intimidate and take out your personal grievances, or is a well regulated militia what is necessary to the security of a free state? Are family values your excuse for the freedom to deny transgender people the same opportunities you enjoy, or the acts of establishing and maintaining a stable loving home? Does law and order compel you stand with the police no matter what their actions are, or does it mean that no-one is above the law? With regards to the teaching of history is American exceptionalism the goal, or is a complete over arching remembrance and respect of all of time and peoples so as to learn the lessons they teach? Is the Confederate flag a symbol you are willing to own and display, or a relic representing everything the GOP fought against and defeated? Is Antifa a concept and people you despise, or do you recognize that America and her allies were the anti-fascist that won WWII? Do you view the BLM movement as violent activists intent on the destruction of your way of life, or is it a continuation of the struggle for equality for the people the Republicans freed form bondage? For all of these questions it is the former that is MAGA and the later that was the Grand Old Party.

There are many, many more ways in which MAGA has fundamentally changed the Republican party and it was on full display at the Capital on Jan. 6. Q-anon, calls for the hanging of Mike Pence, defecating in the Rotunda, beating law enforcement with the American flag, replacing the American flag with Trump flags, and the death of five Americans all for a lie. This is MAGA.

Now I am aware that not all Trump voters are like those at the insurrection, but know that all at the insurrection were Trump voters which brings us back to the fleas!

Unfortunately the Republican Party has been thrust into its current state of affairs such that every member is going to need to choose which of these governing philosophies represents you, a dictatorial oligarchy or, “if you can keep it,” a constitutional republic.

Republicans held this country together once before and only time will tell if they can do it again.

Eric Becht



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