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Pa. GOP liked mail-in voting until they didn’t

To the editor:

Before the primary elections, the Republicans, in control in Harrisburg, put into effect our present mail in voting system.

Everything worked great to their liking in the primary election, because you could only vote your registered party.

Then the general election comes along, when the people get to vote for who they want in office and it backfires.

Diaper Don lost the popular vote and electoral vote big time. Now all of a sudden the mail in voting process is questionable and fraudulent but with no concrete evidence,

So what’s our Republicans in office do but flush the poll workers, the voters and our democracy down the drain, so they could pacify Diaper Don’s whims and lies?

There is no sign of any kind of fraud that could overturn the election results, so why can’t our elected Republicans do what’s right, tell the truth and stand up for the people the are supposed to represent. I can guarantee you the in the future, I will be hard pressed to vote for a Republican candidate, when they try to make a joke of our democratic voting system.

RINO signing out.

Fred Ciecierski


Hating Democrats love the real hypocrites

To the editor:

It seems that the Democrats, most of whom I have to assume are actually socialists, would attack each and every one of those in support of President Donald Trump as being bigots, gullible and hypocrites. In his last letter Mr. George Fisher forgot to add “deplorables” which to me has become a badge of honor.

Mr. Fisher would have others believe Mr. Trump was somehow convicted of a sexual crime before being elected to the office of president. Never happened! Of course he would never make those same accusations against his “hero Joe Biden who has been accused a number of times of abusing woman, even those who worked for him. Perhaps he needs to avail himself of the accusations made by Lucy Flores and Tara Reade that were found credible by many who had witnessed Mr. Biden’s somewhat fetish behavior.

The attack on the president’s family, especially his teenage son, Barron, is typical of the low life haters in the Democratic/socialist Party. And measure his family who work in the private sector to that of the Biden’s who have become millionaires while Joe was in office. Then compare the federal investigation of his son, Hunter, for tax fraud. Might we also wonder if Joe will donate his presidential salary to charity as does Donald Trump? Of course not, they are takers, not givers.

And please Mr. Fisher, if you claim to be paraphrasing — be factual. Taking a quote said by Mr. Barr, the AG, out of context, a favorite ploy by the Trump haters, does nothing but support the fact that untruths are the continued bedrock of Democrat thinking. Mr. Barr’s point was that he was not currently aware of episodes of widespread election fraud. He may not at the time been aware of the fraud committed by Dominion, the ballot firm found to be in league with the Chinese communists who partially controlled Dominion or actors on their own switching ballots favoring President Trump to record instead for Joe Biden. I will not even address the matter of a postal worker discarding military ballots later found to favor President Trump or those found in a locked flooded room. I am not privy to what is the legal standard of fraud for the Democrats but for me any attempted threat to a citizens right to vote comes under the definition of fraud, a criminal act.

I do find it an insult to the American voter in Pennsylvania as an example that a judge can impose his biased opinion that would ignore the commonwealth’s legislative legal directive affecting voting procedures. Ballots recorded outside the legal time limit has to be looked upon as a close kin to judicial fraud.

Trump never said neo-Nazis were fine people. There again you would switch his statement of welcome to his audience, not knowing their affiliations, to somehow be transferred to your Nazi falsehood. But then that is the constant theme of those whose manner is simply to spew hate. Want to hate Mr. Fisher? Then direct your venom at the BLM Marxists and the Antifa anarchists who are intent upon overthrowing our constitutional republic. Or might it be that you and the Democrats approve of their actions?

And, as usual, the left wingers make wild accusation accusing our president’s words as somehow being responsible for the murderous acts of mental defectives. Mr. Fisher would also condemn a man as being guilty before his day in court. One fact you, Mr. Fisher, and the fake news ignore, (yes the mainstream media is often fake news spinning its tale to suit their political agenda and favor for a particular candidate rather than the truth) Kyle Rttenhouse, the teenager, was being threatened and then chased by a number of people, one of whom was himself armed with a pistol. Under the circumstances I believe most people would have protected themselves. I know many others might do the same.

I will close with an answer to your false diatribe of Donald Trump being a hypocrite for holding a Bible aloft. Since when is holding a Bible in any manner hypocritical? And yes, I did refer to Biden as a hypocrite and with good reason. His advocacy of abortion, the substitute term for the murder of innocents, is in opposition to Catholic tenets and quite a few Catholic bishops as much as said so even to the point of refusing him communion. Personally, I think any Catholic who favors abortion and voted for Biden is a hypocrite.

Diane L. Logan



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