Pots need to stop calling kettles black

To the editor:

I would like to respond to Mr. George Fisher’s response to Ms. Diane Logan’s letter.

This banter is nothing more than the pot calling the kettle black. I am not a fan of President Trump but I do like what he gets done.

I am also not a fan of the Democrats’ policy and platform. That being said there is no one without sin, faults or opinions. No one!

I do not want to play tit for tat and bring up every indiscretion of Mr. Biden but the videos of him touting bold-faced lies about his academic record and plagiarism of speeches hardly puts him in higher status than any other president in recent history.

Taking statements or photos out of context and spinning them to validate a point puts a person in the same category with Trump and Biden. Where does that get us? This, I am better than you, discourse is counterproductive. Talk policy not personality, please. Who told the biggest lie is the least of our problems. Policy painted for the public and trimmed for politicians is a better target.

As for children, now let me see. Without being judgmental on the ethics of influence and nepotism, some children are in the hotel and hospitality business and search markets worldwide for their family enterprises and then there are other children who are gifted high-paying seats on international boards with no experience, no connection, no prior history and only one obvious reason for being invited. Common sense will provide the answer.

The reason our republic has preformed so well in the past is because the Founders had great common sense and foresight. We have all prospered from this. These foundations are being lost on the love of money and the race to control it. Without the basic controls the Founders put into the Constitution we are doomed. Put aside the foolishness of “he said she said” and look at what is happening in social media, high tech companies, main stream media to and in our government.

The fight is with those who seek to control every aspect of our lives. Most of them are not in government!

Michael C. Spahr



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