Election system has been ruined by Democrats

To the editor:

I totally agree with Mr. McClure in his assessment of our election system.

We are on the cusp of becoming the USSA, United Socialist States of America. This election for president seems to show that the founders vision of this republic has been erased by the Democrats and their allies — the progressives, liberals, socialists and even the BLM Marxists and their allied cousins Antifa.

They have not only infiltrated our political structure but weaseled their way into our educational system even down to the kindergarten level where their brainwashing takes hold on malleable minds.

The balloting system created by those who would not otherwise be able to overthrow our form of government is now easily manipulated to change the security of our elections.

Voting in person and prepared to show you have a valid citizen identity is no longer a requisite. If it were, mail in ballots would not and should not have been permitted. To present your valid ID to vote and in applying for an absentee ballot should be a given, not the fraudulent method now in place.

Absentee ballots are not difficult to obtain for the legally registered voter so why is there even a hint of a necessity to mail out ballots to homes when, in some cases, they have not even been requested? They even show up in the mailboxes of non-registered voters as well as illegals. This is outlandish and somewhat comparable to requesting a drivers license form, filling it out, then sending it, along with the required picture, to the DOT and being mailed a drivers license. Sound idiotic? Of course it is but not much different than being able to vote with a mail in ballot.

To insure we have an honest and valid election process we need clear and transparent rules. Changing the acceptance of ballots to be recorded after the deadline by a judge in opposition to the rules already established by a state legislature is a step toward judicial tyranny. We do after all have a Constitution that defines our nation one of law — or do we?

Diane L. Logan



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