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You can’t be Christian and vote Democrat

To the editor:

This past weekend while passing through Harrisburg, I observed a political billboard which had three short statements on it.

Those statements were:

1. I am a Republican.

2. I am a Christian.

3. I am voting for Biden.

These statements on that billboard stirred amazement in my mind for some time, but when I saw the “Yes, Christians can vote Democrat” opinion letter in The Sentinel on Wednesday, Oct. 7, those billboard statements in addition to the statements made in this letter initiated this response.

In that opinion letter, the writer stated eight reasons to justify her reasons for voting for an individual who best represents her Christian values. I am going to relate to just four of her reasons.

1. Who promotes peace and unity vs. violence and divisiveness?

2. Who shows respect for others regardless of gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs or social/economic status?

3. Whose policies value and care for God’s good earth and the creatures that inhabit it?

4. Who values the health and well-being of citizens over political and economic gain.

I believe anyone who follows any political policies of the Democrats knows how much emphasis and importance they put on abortion. It is a major point on their national platform.

In my Christian education, I have been taught that a Christian life should follow “The Ten Commandments.” I am going to use the sixth commandment — thou shalt not kill — to make comparisons with this writer’s opinion.

I am not a Rhodes Scholar, but I do have some common sense, something there is a total lack of in our society. Using that common sense and my Christian education, I believe and know that God and Jesus Christ are not supportive of aborting babies.

Below, I will present my comparing views to the prior writer’s opinions.

Anybody who has seen a replay of an abortion can make a pretty clear assumption that it is not peaceful and non-violent (No. 1). Is aborting a baby respectful to that life (No. 2)? Is aborting a baby displaying value and care for God’s good earth and creatures (No. 3)? Is aborting a baby valuing the health and well-being of future citizens (No. 4)?

This is something that anybody who votes Democrat must consider. When a person goes and puts the pencil or pen in their hand to mark the voting ballot for a Democrat, God and Jesus Christ’s teachings indicate that voter’s same hand has supportive influence on every baby who is murdered.

So in reference to the sixth commandment — thou shalt not kill — relaying back to my common sense, I know and science agrees that abortion is killing! So if abortion is not supported by God and Jesus Christ’s teachings, a voting Democrat is displaying their support of abortion. For this reason, it is “impossible” for a voting Democrat to be a Christian!

Dave Quay


Democrats should read all Ten Commandments

To the editor:

Recently I was driving on Route 322 by the Yeagertown/Burnham exit when I noticed a billboard sign that was put up by the Democratic support group. The billboard sign says “Thou shall not lie.” Exodus 20:16.

First of all, that is the wrong quote. The correct quote is “thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Exodus 20:16.

Second, if the Democrats want to use the Ten Commandments, then they should use them all including Exodus 20:13 “thou shall not murder,” but they won’t because killing babies through abortion is a part of their party platform.

Honestly, John 8:32 says “and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Ed Fike



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