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Democrats are not who is killing Social Security

To the editor:

In Diane Logan’s letter to the editor dated October 23, she narrates a false history of Social Security, designed to malign Democrats. She misled your readers with myths and misinformation that has circulated on various internet sites for years. For the truth go to https://www.ssa.gov/history/InternetMyths.html.

But she does raise the question: which political party will protect our social safety net?

Donald Trump said, “If I’m victorious on Nov 3, I plan to forgive those (payroll) taxes and make permanent cuts to the payroll tax…” It’s those taxes that are needed to pay benefits to retirees.

Former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said, “We’re going to have to get back next year at entitlement reform…” which means cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate Leader blamed the deficit not on the $1.5 trillion tax cut to his mostly wealthy friends but, “…three entitlement programs: Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid.”

Republican Senator Marco Rubio said, “The driver of our debt is the structure of Social Security and Medicare for future generations,” after voting to rob the U.S. Treasury of $1.5 trillion for a tax break for his rich donors.

Social Security was passed by liberal members of Congress and signed by a liberal Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt. Democrat President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare into law with the backing of liberal members of Congress.

Approximately 90% of retirement age Americans receive benefits. It has lifted 17 million older Americans out of poverty in 2017 alone.

The Biden plan will put Social Security on a path to long-term solvency by asking Americans with high wages to pay the same taxes on those earnings that middle-class families pay.

Also, under his plan are some of the following features:

Workers who spend 30 years in the workforce will get a benefit of at least 125% of poverty level.

Surviving spouses will keep a higher share of the benefits.

Penalties will be removed for caregivers who want to save for retirement.

Small businesses will receive a tax break for starting a retirement plan and giving workers the chance to save at work.

For Medicare, the Biden plan calls for repealing the existing law which explicitly bars Medicare from negotiating with drug companies.

A vote for a Democrat is a vote to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Gary Gill


Previous letter did not refer to military service

To the editor:

This letter is in response to Diane Logan’s letter that appeared in The Sentinel on Monday, October 26.

I would like to point out to Ms. Logan and your readers that my letter of Oct. 16 did not refer to anyone’s military service or lack thereof. My reference was entirely to the fact that Donald Trump was born to a life of great wealth and privilege while Joe Biden was not.

Harry M. Geedey



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