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Buck is best choice for 171st District

To the editor:

The Sierra Club Moshannon Group is comprised of 1,200 members in central Pennsylvania, including Mifflin County. We are proud to endorse Peter Buck as state representative for the 171st District. Buck demonstrates the knowledge, dedication and energy to provide the kind of pro-environmental leadership that is needed in our state and region. He has pledged to work in bipartisan partnership with other leaders in Harrisburg to address environmental, social and economic concerns which will incentivize job creation and infrastructure improvements.

Peter has a long record of environmental service here in Centre County where I live that bodes well for the readership of The Lewistown Sentinel. His most recent elective office found him serving as Chair of the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors. He also represented the township on the Spring Creek Watershed Commission and continues to volunteer in that basin to monitor its waters. He advances renewable energy at Penn State and in local and regional government as well as leading an environmental justice project. Buck has also served on various intergovernmental agencies to promote increased energy efficiency, solar power and climate change mitigation and adaptation. He is supportive of land conservation, sustainable agriculture and outdoor recreational opportunities.

In addition to being a tireless advocate for the environment, Buck supports equitable funding for public schools, increasing the minimum wage, protection of our unions and the advancement of rural people. He recognizes the impact of environmental hazards on our health, and believes strongly that everyone should have access to good health care. I could go on, but I hope that voters in the 171st District will choose Peter Buck as their next state representative.

Douglas Mason

Chair, Sierra Club Moshannon Group

I’ve decided I’m voting for Donald Trump

To the editor:

A year or so ago, someone asked me whom I was going to vote for this year. I said, “Ask me on November 3”. It’s close enough now that I’m sure: Donald Trump.

It’s a question of what the options are. We all know what Trump is: the most personally transparent president ever. He says to us in public what most presidents or people only say in private. We know him personally very well: he’s energetic, vain, down-to-earth and unpredictable. His likes and dislikes are well-known. He must be a bear to work for, which is why there have been to many changes in his advisers. But he understands himself: a reporter who enjoyed spending a day with him asked to have another; Trump told him with a laugh, “You could only take one day of me.”

All that aside, he has accomplished as president a lot: excellent growth in the economy, control of immigration, and realistic foreign policy, among other things. The most consequential thing that he has done was to lower the corporate tax rate from 30 to 22 percent, giving an enormous boost to the economy. Democrats says that this was a giveaway to the rich, but Democrats are always stuck in class warfare. Successful corporations mean job opportunities. Democrats think that the rich are like Scrooge McDuck, wallowing in a cave of gold coins; nothing is further from the truth. The world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, personally created an economic revolution with Amazon, and his company hires people by the hundreds of thousands; Democrat goons protest in front of his house.

Right now, Trump is taking a lot of heat about COVID. If the question is, who’s at fault? I would line him up with some other suspects, including the Chinese, WHO, Cuomo, Murphy, Wolf and perhaps a few others. But when we’re still at war with the disease, it’s no time to worry about blame; soldiers in foxholes don’t ask how they got there. General Marshall used to tell his officers, “Don’t fight the problem, gentlemen, solve it.”

Who’s the option to Trump? Joe Biden has been in Washington for a long time, but never directly responsible for anything. Robert Gates, who served for a time as Secretary of Defense for both Bush and Obama, said that Joe was on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue for the last 40 years. Obama himself recently said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to screw things up” (or at least that’s the gist of what he said). Why in the world did Obama ever pick Joe as his VP, then? The cynic in me says that he saw Joe as his insurance policy against impeachment: “Impeach me, and see what you’re left with.”

No matter what the past reveals about Joe, when he said at an event the other day that he was “running for the Senate,” that should have set off alarm bells — again, perhaps. That brings to mind Kamala Harris, his pick for VP. Joe’s most extraordinary blunder has been to select her, a person with little political skill who dropped out of the presidential race very early. He should have picked Susan Rice, who would have fit his need for a black woman candidate. She is intelligent and experienced, and she would have been a very viable backup to him if he got in trouble.

My friend at Louie’s thinks Trump will win in a landslide. Based on the relative performance of the candidates, that should happen. However, people tend to remain tied to party affiliations, based on family traditions, and so the result will probably be very close, one way or the other. All I would say to someone who’s going to vote Democrat is, “If you’re voting that way because you’re tired of listening to Trump, you’ll get to listen to Pelosi, Schumer and Sanders for the next four years. You won’t hear anything from President Biden — or President Harris.”

John Brittain



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