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As usual, Democrats are not telling whole story

To the editor:

Here we go again.

I would usually respond specifically to a post I read if presented with even a speck of clarity. But to answer Mr. Becht’s last letter makes that effort an impossibility since he provides not one single iota of established facts. He thrives on hate inspired innuendo.

As usual he spews his hate of our president with ghostly applications, none of which are backed up by critical evidence. His general assertions are so wide and varied that they would be listed in the library section as fiction. Not one of his general claims laid upon our president can be verified by specifics. But then that is the mantra of left wing socialist thinkers to which Mr. Becht seems to align himself.

Eric is obviously a protectionist for basement Joe, a man who would make shadow claims of his victimhood in an effort to alter the actual truth. As an example I offer the following which I previously sent to friends and family:

How many of us see the never ending political ads of late in which Biden states his wife and daughter were killed by a truck driver? It is misleading!

The political ads by Joe seems to hint that the truck driver was the culprit who killed Mrs. Biden and daughter. In the first weeks after that tragic event a vicious rumor was spread that the truck driver was drunk. Joe let the rumor fly although he knew the actual truth. The police put that claim to rest by testing the driver and attesting to the fact he was not drunk nor was he at fault for the accident. Joe’s wife was declared the guilty party and totally responsible for the tragic event.

The current political ad by Joe seems to transfer blame on the truck driver as if he was the one who killed Mrs. Biden and daughter. This man was totally innocent yet Joe’s ad insinuates his wife was the innocent party and suffered at the hands of “a truck driver.” Not one iota of truth in that claim!

No matter, Joe has always portrayed himself as a victim. He uses the death of his wife, daughter and later his son as if he was somehow victimized. His deception never ends.

Yes, we Republicans, unlike the Democrats, are doing much to prevent fraud during the election process: absentee ballots are OK — mail-in ballots are suspect. Voter ID is imperative so that each and every voter can be verified as being legally eligible. Late ballot returns are not valid for that too invites fraud. It is not the Republicans that are ‘…undermining the integrity of the election…,’ Mr. Becht, but those who would open up the election process to fraud — the Democrats.

Diane Logan


Electing Biden is change America is desperate for

To the editor:

Mr. Loht’s letter of Saturday, Oct. 10, is titled “If Biden wins, it will change America.” On seeing the title, my first thought was “I certainly hope so!” Let’s talk about how the current administration has “changed America.”

Yes, Mr. Biden promised to choose a woman of color as his vice president. He knew that the administration should reflect the make-up of our citizenry. He chose “the best person” in Kamala Harris, an intelligent woman of experience and integrity.

The president has touted his 2017 tax bill as one of his signature accomplishments. According to the Brooking Institution, the tax cut DID NOT pay for itself, as conservatives claimed it would. It increased the federal deficit by $1-$2 trillion. As far as its benefit to average Americans, ask yourself: are you better off because of this tax bill? Is Mifflin County better off?

Mr. Loht refers to the cutting of regulations by the president. He does not mention that by cutting environmental regulations, many by executive order, the president has removed protections to the waters and air quality of our country, increasing the possibility of damage to our native wildlife and increased illnesses due to toxic emissions and chemicals in our water.

We all should agree that our law enforcement officers are worthy of praise, as the president has said. We should agree also that a percentage of law enforcement are responsible for injustice to our black and brown citizens. This is something that the administration cannot bring itself to admit or address, focusing instead on the unsubstantiated danger from Antifa and the “radical left”. The president may say “I condemn white supremacy”, but it is sadly obvious that he does not mean what he says.

The president boasts that he passed the Veterans’ Choice act; this is untrue. It was passed in 2014 under the Obama administration. This president expanded eligibility for the program. He also increased accountability for VA employees and expanded health care choice for vets. Still, nearly half of veterans (45%) are unhappy with the president, citing his refusal to listen to military professionals and his record of making decisions on the use of military force.

It is true that employment among Blacks, Hispanics and Asians has increased. What kind of jobs are they? Are they jobs that will provide the ability to save money and get ahead, or are they jobs in the service industry that pay less than minimum wage and do not provide benefits?

North Korea still presents a major challenge to the US. Under Kim Jong-un, 119 missile tests have been undertaken as of December, 2019. They haven’t tested nuclear or long-range missiles. No real advances have been made as a result of the president’s negotiations with Kim Jong-Un.

Employment in Pennsylvania has gone up during the Trump administration. The review is mixed for manufacturing jobs: the number of jobs recorded in June — the most recent month for when data was available — shows a net loss of almost 600,000 since Trump took office, probably due to the COVID pandemic and the administration’s poor management of its spread.

Mr. Loht notes that several COVID vaccines “should be available in a few weeks”. Are these vaccines that the majority of the populace is going to want to take? Will they be vetted by the FDA for patient safety? I submit that the vaccines are being fast-tracked so as to benefit the president’s re-election chances, and not with an eye to safety or effectiveness. As far as the president’s record on managing the COVID pandemic, it is clear, from his own words, that he knew the dangers of this virus, yet chose to keep the truth from the country’s citizens.

Mr. Loht writes: “The election of Biden/Harris will fundamentally change America. I devoutly hope so. We need an administration that cares about the welfare of its citizens and offers truth instead of lies.

Joan Loewen



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