It’s time for term limits in Congress

To the editor:

There was a fictional train wreck today at a crossing in Washington D.C. A passenger train of 50 cars, one car from each state, was hit by a bus. The train was on the way to visit and question each state’s elected officials about the standstill in Congress. The people need relief from COVID-19 and Congress can’t compromise on aid.

Witnesses at the crash site said the bus hit the train on purpose. The train went off the tracks. All the doors on the train were jammed shut and the passengers from every state could not escape. Congressmen hearing of the crash rushed to the scene to render aid to their constituents.

Upon arrival lobbyists from D.C. told the Congressmen that everything was under control and that they have limousines to take them to a lunch at the five-star restaurant across the street from the hospital where the injured constituents would be taken.

Then back at the crash site the lobbyists were giving medical advice and selling equipment to extract the passengers, as well as stretchers, ambulance services, bandages and medicine.

Inside the train the constituents can see everything that is going on and are livid, but can’t get out. The tools sold to rescue workers can’t do the job. The tools make a lot of noise and throw sparks but don’t do a thing. A few passengers are able to call their Congressmen on their cell phones but are told everything is under control that the best men are on the job and everything will be fine. The Congressmen said we are here at the hospital waiting on you.

I am sorry to say that the constituents are still on the train. Some are about to bleed to death but the Congressmen are busy enjoying their free lunch. Each Congressman remarked, the few who are bleeding to death aren’t from my state.

There is still the question of who was driving the bus and why did they intentionally hit the train. There is but one answer, Covert Congressional greed was driving the bus. Now all attention is on the wreck and not on the non action of Congress, plus Congressmen will benefit from the lobbyists. The FBI is looking into this but there is not much hope of an arrest. This is business as usual and considered normal behavior in Washington D.C.

If you want to get off the train, vote to change Congress and the way they work. Ask your Congressmen for term limits. No, demand term limits! Tell them “Get busy or get out!”

Michael C. Spahr



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